A Clear Emotions Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

A Clear Emotions

Rating: 4.6

I tried to hide the emotions to put brave front
It surfaced again to counter and confront
Was that so difficult to suppress and confine
Nothing was going my way and didn’t look fine

Eyes were swollen and red with some pain
They were not bright as ever or looked plain
It carried so much behind it and reflected
Some one as if had deliberately inflicted

I understood the importance of being alone
Was not the life journey to be cut as one?
What was the use of showing it to the strangers?
I was in continuous rage and in anger

What would I tell if I happened to see him?
How will I hide the red eyes which will definitely beam?
Still it was far off to result it in reality
I was in his life a special entity

I still confronted him and expressed an ire
“What do you see in my eyes and admire
I shall be happy if you can just put it right”
He stood motionless but did not loose sight

I smiled at him and threw a poser
He read and understood it as composer
“I see complete sea deep treasure
But have no words to express pleasure”

I can see the anguish behind your good smile
You are deep in thought for a while
You think how would we cover an extra mile?
I promise to take you across meanwhile

I can read each and every word
Stand by you in the midst of any need
Come and join me and not run away or fled
Only the thing if you decide to come forward

That shall be the finest day and bright hour
You may swing around and dance on the floor
It shall be pity if I fail to read
It will be me only who will lead

Seema Chowdhury 20 April 2010

sir, this is a very interesting and descriptive display of emotions. very interesting. i really enjoyed reading it this morning. thanks for sharing. take care

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Leonard Dabydeen 18 April 2010

A very clever play of emotions in this poem. It's like battling with the rhyme and rhythm to maintain a sober climax in its flow. I almost wanted to take each first line in the poem to create another emotional rush.....must say it's a good read. Thanks for sharing.

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