A Coolness Of Fresh Water Poem by Maria Barbara Korynt

A Coolness Of Fresh Water

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I am taking the pale cheek out,
not for effect, I am searching for rays.
a skin swelled.

the sun is burning
with the heat,
is threatening with bubbles.

around green.
the sun is already squeezing tears.
on eyes I put leaves.

coolness of fresh water,
is restoring the will to live.
heat is teasing.

Adeline Foster 03 September 2009

At first I said, Oh, she is an artist, then thought better of it. Whatever this is about it does resonate in one's thoughts. Adeline

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Ken E Hall 16 September 2009

More to this poem than meets the eye....here in OZ the animals plants and Aboriginals are experts of the Sun's heat and finding the cool cool water thanks for the read regards

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 16 September 2009

Nice poem. Water and heat (warmth) both are inevitable for life.

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Indira Renganathan 14 September 2009

Never mind if the sun teases..because only when there is heat we know the need of cool water....and vice versa....a good nature poem...thank you

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Nimal Dunuhinga 10 September 2009

I too feel the coolness but Maria when it boils we curse?

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I agree with Adeline.. it is wonderful the coming of change due to H2O

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