A Cradle Song Poem by William Butler Yeats

A Cradle Song

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THE angels are stooping
Above your bed;
They weary of trooping
With the whimpering dead.
God's laughing in Heaven
To see you so good;
The Sailing Seven
Are gay with His mood.
I sigh that kiss you,
For I must own
That I shall miss you
When you have grown.

Srimayee Ganguly 24 December 2012

Such a cute poem! Fabulous! Children are angels but when they grow up they shed their wings.

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K.s.subramanian Subramanian 21 February 2013

Fine poem. The cradle song is good enough only when the babe is babe. When it is grown up the distance is wide. the last lines mean that.

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Suryendu Chaudhury 13 October 2020

There is a note about the personal life of the poet. Perhaps the love and affection of a father for his daughter.

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Resh Kav 23 June 2017

beautiful poem.......

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Thomas Case 23 December 2015

beautiful poem about wanting your childrento stay young.

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Thomas Case 23 December 2015

beautiful poem about wanting your kids to stay young.

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Krishnakumar Chandrasekar Nair 21 September 2013

Forever a child you shall be To me your eternal mother Even as angels sing and leap Admiring you my golden flower (such innocence and sensitivity in the poet - W B Yates Please come back!)

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NATHEN 15 May 2018

thats whats up

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