A Dance With You

It's been long since we said hello
Been long since I confessed
You never fail to captivate me
With eyes that're always the best

A night so dim, the world so round
Yet brightest still you are
I long for you, as much can do
I want you, be with me..

And then your eyes have met with mine
And time was frozen again
A step to each other, both we take
Until our breaths we feel

You look at me, and I look back
A smile on both our faces
I hold your waist, my shoulder yours
And sway we go so close...

We laugh and we laugh, enjoying the time
Knowing it's very short..
All problems forgotten, the bond we are sharing
The truth of me and you

The song has stopped, and we stay still
Fighting the urge to let go
But it must be, farewell again..
I will never forget the dance with you

Julia Pascual 24 February 2009

this poem, though decent showed a lot of emotions... you're really great... i hope sooner or later, others will notice that too... =)

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Sathyanarayana M V S 15 February 2009

A poem of pleasantries! Good rhythm and nice read. Thanks for sharing.

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Madelene Calalo 14 September 2009

i really really like this.. hahaha.... fascinating.. amusing.... entertaining... hehe... very nice write...^_^

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Stella dino 12 September 2009

nicely done... that's an understatement. it captivated me and like lorena, i'm very interested with who inspired you to write this. nevertheless, it was majestically done and made my imagination run.: D haha... keep writing danzen.

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Jester's P 16 July 2009

very well written...simple yet meaningful. all the best

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Lorena Cruz 28 June 2009

it's amazing how you make simple ideas bloom into a great poem.. keep writing Dan

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Nashy Lamen 28 February 2009

Im curious about the person who inspired you to do this.. You have really pulled through a great emotional poem.. You really are a much better poet and writer than I am, my friend..

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