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I started making poems at the age of nine though nothing really made sense when I read them now. I stopped writting for a while but then I was inspired by other poets from my friends to the famous ones. I wrote poems again and composed lyrics too which I accompanied with instruments.

My life is inspired by music. I play the guitar and piano; I ...

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Nashy Lamen 01 July 2009

Well, I felt like typing so I commented on myself... Hmmm... Keep on writing, . Set free your emotions.. YOur poems express your feelings... c:

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Kitdor Halari Blah 20 April 2009

Dear Natasha Lamen, I've read some of your poems. Please check my poems.

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The Best Poem Of Nashy Lamen

Despaired Forgiveness

Enraged eyes of fire and doom,
To no extent I’ve made a sin,
To no forgiveness I broke their trust,
And I know I must regain... I must.

I have deceived and I am cursed,
I’ve tried no tries; I’ve made it worse,
My guilt has drowned me in my lies,
And now my damaged conscience cries.

So here I sit in silence, blind,
There’s no solution I can find,
I am trapped in broken glass,
As time and chances pass by fast.

I’m so sorry, so nonsense I know,
Useless, I see,
Cause I’ve done much wrong,
So tragically.

I don’t know what to do anymore,
Without you, I’m wept of my shore,
Without you guys, I’m an empty hole,
Endless, sorrows and regrets to roll.

I’ve said things that I did not intend,
Can you still try to comprehend?
Or there’s no use in my beseech,
There’s none to beg, there’s none to teach.

I’ve done my wrong, my pang of guilt,
I’ve sunken down, ensconced in filth,
To no forgiveness I broke their trust,
And I know I must regain... I must.

And now I must regain, I must.

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