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Enraged eyes of fire and doom,
To no extent I’ve made a sin,
To no forgiveness I broke their trust,
And I know I must regain... I must.

Her eyes flicker once,

No perfect structure,

A distinct pain floods my heart,
I long to escape but where to start,
I feel crushed as I speak,
My words splinter, all is bleak.


The clock kept ticking everyday,
I wanted to talk but what should I say,
How would I start, what was my line?
What if made things worse and not fine.

A flickering light opens my eyes,
The morning sun has risen,
Another day, same old routine,
Another lecture to listen.

There's a burried truth beneath all the lies,
That fiction it blinds me as it stirs and unties.

Forward I go, but I still hold back,

'I like you! ', 'huh? '
She couldn't choke out that statement again.

She kept the secret

I can no longer hear my melody,
I can only feel such agony,
As I suffer in discontment,
And I see no hope lambent.

It started with a single touch,
And into your eyes I'd stare,
I think I stared a little too much,
That I felt a feeling I could not compare,

As I waver into the night sleep,
I can't help but think,
As I wander and blink,
As I wander so deep...

Consumed by emotions
temporarily occupied by unspoken words,
waiting on vivid dreams,
hoping on fiction, devoured by illusions.

Compunction so deep to regret and to weep,
Awake then asleep with a memory to keep,
The wrath of voices, and annoying noises,
A façade so senseless, with your own conclusiveness.

Can love get any better?
can it get any worse?
Is love a necessity,
a need or a curse?

Deeply sinking to my mind,
A love somehow, I try to find,
I venture into your glistening eyes,
With a feeling that slowly unbinds.

dogs, cats, birds, rats,
things, twins, turtle fins,
shoes, socks, eletric shocks,
toink, toink, oink, oink,

Tick- tock, tick-tock, tick-tock,
The clock kept ticking,
A vast amount of time slipped by,
And I fell unconsciously into thinking..

Rain pours like bullets on the roof top,
Wind gushes strongly as the trees sway,
I see only white thourgh the horizon,
As the fog covers the whole way.

I've set loose my heart's desires,
I've spoken what it has to say,
And now you know the verocity,
I'm glad you're here to stay.

Such compassion and beauty be,
With the comfort strongly felt,
A friendship intensely made,
By the obstacles both sides have dealt.

Trampled feelings afloat,
A love so strongly bonded,
one sided though contented,
She seeks an answer to such heart thumping feeling,

Nashy Lamen Biography

I started making poems at the age of nine though nothing really made sense when I read them now. I stopped writting for a while but then I was inspired by other poets from my friends to the famous ones. I wrote poems again and composed lyrics too which I accompanied with instruments. My life is inspired by music. I play the guitar and piano; I sing, and I spend most of my time on music when I'm not busy. I use music to write since I pour out my feelings in both music and literature. Well, my poems are based on my desires and observations. I just think of a topic and then write. Most of my poems are based on love like how painful it can get, how mysterious it is, how powerful it can be. I tried writing poems on other topics as well but it only revolved around negativity like the problems I experience, the situations I'm in, the misery I feel. And then I wrote poems on deceit, lies and pain which made it a lot more interesting. I tried to write positive poems but I had a hard time expressing my thoughts. Though, I still do have a few poems about happiness.)

The Best Poem Of Nashy Lamen

Despaired Forgiveness

Enraged eyes of fire and doom,
To no extent I’ve made a sin,
To no forgiveness I broke their trust,
And I know I must regain... I must.

I have deceived and I am cursed,
I’ve tried no tries; I’ve made it worse,
My guilt has drowned me in my lies,
And now my damaged conscience cries.

So here I sit in silence, blind,
There’s no solution I can find,
I am trapped in broken glass,
As time and chances pass by fast.

I’m so sorry, so nonsense I know,
Useless, I see,
Cause I’ve done much wrong,
So tragically.

I don’t know what to do anymore,
Without you, I’m wept of my shore,
Without you guys, I’m an empty hole,
Endless, sorrows and regrets to roll.

I’ve said things that I did not intend,
Can you still try to comprehend?
Or there’s no use in my beseech,
There’s none to beg, there’s none to teach.

I’ve done my wrong, my pang of guilt,
I’ve sunken down, ensconced in filth,
To no forgiveness I broke their trust,
And I know I must regain... I must.

And now I must regain, I must.

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Nashy Lamen 01 July 2009

Well, I felt like typing so I commented on myself... Hmmm... Keep on writing, . Set free your emotions.. YOur poems express your feelings... c:

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Kitdor Halari Blah 20 April 2009

Dear Natasha Lamen, I've read some of your poems. Please check my poems.

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