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It's been long since we said hello
Been long since I confessed
You never fail to captivate me
With eyes that're always the best

My life was a routine, and sadly always be
No one understands me, I am out of glee
I go to a slide, hoping for a change
I fall down so gently, with some hair out of range

Poems are made by poets
As pet lovers adopt pets
And just like pets, these poems are judged
From sad as death to sweet like fudge

Born as a child, we've come to know
This 'family' so they call
With whom we'll spend majority of life
It's a 'yes ‘ mandatory state

I saw her smile,
dizzying drug
it was.

Those endless eyes I daily see
Those pretty eyes that set me free,
From bondage that, from darkness's blight,
That opened mine and gave me sight

Do you know how you make me feel?
Whenever you're near, you make me reel!
Whenever you're near, I feel more real!
Do you know how you make me feel? !

As I walked down, the road one day..
A long path stretched, along my way..
Barren, empty, wasteland, dead..
A chance to dwell, on my mind's stead

Alone, I watched
my pen
scratching words,

Late at noon, that I watch now
Sunset's beauty glow
That I reminisce, things of past
The times of bliss and joy

A Knocking Visitor

Time ago while I was napping
Dozing, weakly, I was sleeping

I watched a tree since it was young
A happy habit it was
I planted it and watered it
And it told me some tales of time

Everytime I read a poem
I read it lots of times
As much as it would take for me
To see it very clearly

Once, everyday, I stroll into the woods
Adoring the trees and the shade they give
Listening to the soft, sweet chirp of birds
Swimming happily in the clear, clean lakes

Once, long ago, as I remember...
An old man gave me a gift
He gave me this red, shiny, new truck
And told me to take care of it...

In a meadow, quiet and green
The brook flowing and silent
Under the shade of the apple tree
I nap, relax and wait....

And happy I am, day and night
I never have been very sad
Only at times when some passed away
The only times I cried

On my roof it trickles soft
On my head it falls aloft
On the ground it splashes, drops
On the farm it feeds the crops

Graduation now has come
Tears my eyes now fill
Straight I face but back I look
In how my past had been

That moment so pulling..
Refuse, I cannot
This beating gets stronger,
this pulse of my heart

Danzen D... Biography

Hmm...I love to learn, I love to read, and I love to write, especially poems, hehe. I love making poems among other stuff because it's given me an opportunity to express what I feel the way I really feel it. I love reading other people's poems too...cause..the truth is, it's where I learned how to make my own, and where my interest sprang up. And I continue to read because somehow...no matter how tiny, I still discover bits of pearly and finely-woven truths that teach me the important things that we usually ignore. So I'd like to thank all those poets there, even if I hadn't read your poems yet, for teaching me how to write with freedom, and to see the things unseen.)

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A Dance With You

It's been long since we said hello
Been long since I confessed
You never fail to captivate me
With eyes that're always the best

A night so dim, the world so round
Yet brightest still you are
I long for you, as much can do
I want you, be with me..

And then your eyes have met with mine
And time was frozen again
A step to each other, both we take
Until our breaths we feel

You look at me, and I look back
A smile on both our faces
I hold your waist, my shoulder yours
And sway we go so close...

We laugh and we laugh, enjoying the time
Knowing it's very short..
All problems forgotten, the bond we are sharing
The truth of me and you

The song has stopped, and we stay still
Fighting the urge to let go
But it must be, farewell again..
I will never forget the dance with you

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Julia Pascual 30 June 2009

Danzen Dang-awan... young, but very talented... he knows how to write a poem that would really capture your hearts and souls... =) keep writing to inspire, Danzen =0

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