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A Dance With You

It's been long since we said hello
Been long since I confessed
You never fail to captivate me
With eyes that're always the best

Smile Of Hope

My life was a routine, and sadly always be
No one understands me, I am out of glee
I go to a slide, hoping for a change
I fall down so gently, with some hair out of range

On How To Judge A Poem

Poems are made by poets
As pet lovers adopt pets
And just like pets, these poems are judged
From sad as death to sweet like fudge

This 'Family' So They Call

Born as a child, we've come to know
This 'family' so they call
With whom we'll spend majority of life
It's a 'yes ‘ mandatory state

I Saw, I Heard

I saw her smile,
dizzying drug
it was.

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Julia Pascual 30 June 2009

Danzen Dang-awan... young, but very talented... he knows how to write a poem that would really capture your hearts and souls... =) keep writing to inspire, Danzen =0

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Hmm...I love to learn, I love to read, and I love to write, especially poems, hehe. I love making poems among other stuff because it's given me an opportunity to express what I feel the way I really feel it. I love reading other people's poems too...cause..the truth is, it's where I learned how to make my own, and where my interest sprang up. And I ...

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