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A Dance With You

It's been long since we said hello
Been long since I confessed
You never fail to captivate me
With eyes that're always the best

Smile Of Hope

My life was a routine, and sadly always be
No one understands me, I am out of glee
I go to a slide, hoping for a change
I fall down so gently, with some hair out of range

On How To Judge A Poem

Poems are made by poets
As pet lovers adopt pets
And just like pets, these poems are judged
From sad as death to sweet like fudge

This 'Family' So They Call

Born as a child, we've come to know
This 'family' so they call
With whom we'll spend majority of life
It's a 'yes ‘ mandatory state

I Saw, I Heard

I saw her smile,
dizzying drug
it was.

A Young Farewell

Those endless eyes I daily see
Those pretty eyes that set me free,
From bondage that, from darkness's blight,
That opened mine and gave me sight

Do You Know How You Make Me Feel?

Do you know how you make me feel?
Whenever you're near, you make me reel!
Whenever you're near, I feel more real!
Do you know how you make me feel? !

A Walk Alone

As I walked down, the road one day..
A long path stretched, along my way..
Barren, empty, wasteland, dead..
A chance to dwell, on my mind's stead

A Quick Distraction

Alone, I watched
my pen
scratching words,

My Cute, Little Hope

Late at noon, that I watch now
Sunset's beauty glow
That I reminisce, things of past
The times of bliss and joy

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