On How To Judge A Poem

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Poems are made by poets
As pet lovers adopt pets
And just like pets, these poems are judged
From sad as death to sweet like fudge

If these poems are judged 'How then? ' you ask
Are they judged at the size of the task?
Or are they judged at the words used?
Are they judged for the feelings infused?

Some say they're judged by the rythm used
Some say they're judged by the comments diffused
Some like them happy, some like them sad
Some like them funny, some like them mad

I know you may not agree with me
If you look clearly you will see
A poem is judged not by form nor chords
But by the story hidden behind its words.

Madelene Calalo 04 September 2009

Nice one danzen... I agree with the last line.. sometimes people are too shallow when it comes to the poems they read. some will say they're too emo...and the words are too highfalutin to understand.. some just don't get to see and appreciate the images behind each group of letters in a poem.... sigh..

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Jake Erkens 06 December 2008

Nice repetition too! hehe.. =]

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Jake Erkens 06 December 2008

Nice poem..=] I like your similes... Great use of alliteration and some personification(i think) .. Good job, keep up the hard work!

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Dr Rajesh Kumar Vaid 26 November 2008

A beautiful poem, a great write, I congratulate the young poet, who has, in a lovely capsule have expounded the salient features of a good poem. My 10. and one into my favourite, for sheer usefulness!

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Ency Bearis 26 November 2008

you all mention the right button on a poems...nice concept...keep up your good work..keep on writing..someday your work will be recognized... Ency Bearis

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