A Deal In Helplessness Poem by Mohammad Akmal Nazir

A Deal In Helplessness

Rating: 2.7

They got ready to shoot the scene,
He unbuttoned her,
Her nude body was shining like marbel,
But her coyness was annoying him
She didn't seem to be habitual
In the trade
But she posed to be brave.
They started making love amidst
Sweet moans,
The lust of her snowy creamy skin,
The touch of her soft luscious lips
Got him into the heaven of untamed desires,
The cameras were moving,
But ignoring them their hard work was continued,
Now she was supporting the act
For she couldn't afford to miss that chance.
They were perspiring,
tossing their bodies
And ultimately the summit was attained.
But while counting money
She began to groan saying
'I have done it.'
He couldn't help cursing himself
When he came to know that
It was her first experience
And that her pestilence stricken son was
On the verge of death for want of money.
She did it to earn money for her son's cure.
Hearing this he gave her all the money
He had earned that day.

Saju Abraham 12 May 2011

Many a deal is done in helplessness as seen in your poem. Is what she did right or wrong? We are none to judge her! You have very well brought out the helplessnes of the woman in question here. It's a 10 from, Mohammed.

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Hribhu Dey 15 May 2011

dear I got simply speechless really...how all that got graduated...poignant...creates a complete visual perception...plz read my poem PLAY AND WIN, AND EQUATION and leave comments plz

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir 23 June 2011

 From: Speedy Hartman (Pasadena / texas United States; Male; 60)  To: Mohd. Akmal Nazir  Date Time: 6/23/2011 4: 55: 00 AM (GMT-6: 00)  Subject: A Deal In Helplessness I loved it, it had great imagery and sexual overtones without being explicit.. and loved the ending, what people won't do for love..

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Ace Of Black Hearts 11 June 2011

This Another Brilliant Poem, I Give It! 0 Because Its Holds Multiple Truths In The Story It Potreys

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir 06 June 2011

Juan Olivarez (Alton TexasUnited States; Male; 58)  To: Mohd. Akmal Nazir  Date Time: 3/2/2011 7: 30: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00)  Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Shooting Of A Porn Scene The poem is sexual in nature but there are no vulgar words and no distasteful moments. Moreover the message it conveys is important. That women will do anything for their children. I think it is anexcellent poem. Whether you publish it or not is yourdecision. But it has to be your decision and yours alone. Moreover nobody should dictate to you what you are to publish. After all, if they do not like it they donot have to read it. sincerely Juan

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir 06 June 2011

Buxton Shippy (WinchendonUnited States; Male; 56)  To: Mohd. Akmal Nazir  Date Time: 6/4/2011 3: 17: 00 PM (GMT -6: 00)  Subject: A Deal In Helplessness 'A Deal In Helplessness' articulates the depth and complexity of a mother's love for her desperately ill son and the length to which she will go to help him. The author delicately describes a pornographic act without being graphic. Authentic imagery. I rate it 10 out of 10. Buxton

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Chris Jibero 15 May 2011

I weep because many mothers, due to poverty, had done and still do the same thing to fend for their children especially in countries that have been bled white by their leaders that live in affluence.I believe that through writing, to point out such evils, we shall make the world a better place for all.Well done.

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir

Mohammad Akmal Nazir

Bahraich, U.P. India
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