*a Song Of Sorrow* Poem by Mohammad Akmal Nazir

*a Song Of Sorrow*

Rating: 2.4

I write and remove thy name,
In this way I punish my heart,
Thy love was nothing but a game,
And I was defeated by thy ways smart.

I am still alive leading a life of curse,
My vivacity departs, my light is fading,
No one is here to find me a nurse,
And yet my peace thy memory is invading,

O soul, o life, be ready for something worst,
Something thy would never have seen,
My death will soon quench thy thirst,
Thou may get what I mean.

Leela Devi 21 December 2010

[thou may get what i mean]- the last line in my view-is the gist/selectively set

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Mohammad Muzzammil 05 January 2011

Your poem is nice mirror to show the expression of pain. Sorrow is so dominant that poet will get rid of it after only death. Because only death can quench the thirst of the sorrowful life. Nice to read it.

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Faith Ali 02 February 2011

That's a lot of sorrow, , I can see the bleeding broken heart by who left him.. that's really sad, , your poem is so great & it make me feel like that what you say is happening in front of my eyes, , but nooooooo the end shouldn't be to die cause if someone left the one who love him without any reason that means he didn't deserve his love! ! ! ! ! sorry I just got mad cuz I hate who do like that... really you are a great poet, , regards, Faith..

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Malaya Roses 06 February 2011

Every stanzas have the rhythmic ending and these are strong structure of this poem with one focus of the idea; how love had defeated the poet and bring him to the deep river of sadness. Excellent poem with pain and grief...

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Katherine Land 24 March 2011

I do love this poem as it speaks to what I am going through right now. Keep writing.

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Sarabjeet Klur 16 December 2017

Thanx for such a heart touching poem.

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Edward Kofi Louis 25 March 2016

In this way i punish my heart! Thanks for sharing.

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Fiona Schwartzinoff 21 December 2013

Something thy would never have seen. I think you mean something *the* would never have seen...? Tragically beautiful. Well-done.

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ijlal Haider 03 January 2012

very nice.... simple sorrow sounds great...

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Rinki Nandy 23 November 2011

Love is gone, and it will come again, throughout the eternal journey. Not a curse but a new beginning, good write.

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir

Mohammad Akmal Nazir

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