A Dirge – On The Death Of My D: \drive Poem by Angelina Pandian

A Dirge – On The Death Of My D: \drive

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My D: \drive died on me
Suddenly one day
I had worked with it the previous night
Sat up till so late using it being with it
I did not think it would not come alive
When I switched it on the next morn
It was a blank I could not go in
It was like standing outside an ICU
Seeing it die in front of my eye
I could not revive it
No response I got, no blink of the eye!
No F8 helped, I was on line
With a specialist who at end said
Sorry, Mam’ I’ve done all I could
No more hope to hold, so easily, he said.
My D: \drive died on me
And I cried, I was in mourning
For more than three days three
I could not mail, I could not go online
I could not visit my Desidirectory
Nor upload any more poems
They all [my early collections- most of them]
Had died along with my D: \drive
As devote wife entering funeral pyres
Had gone and done Sati
But, what was I to do
Bereft of Soul I stand alone
My thoughts, my emotions
My feelings and a part of me
Have all now died – Memories
So long held captive in my D: \drive
Today have all blown away
As ashes dissolved in water
They have all vanished
Leaving me vanquished
Standing alone with memories
Of my D: \drive and an empty corrupt Hard disk!

premji premji 17 May 2009

man-machine interface is dead.................

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