A Domestic Tragedy Poem by Robert William Service

A Domestic Tragedy

Rating: 2.7

Clorinda met me on the way
As I came from the train;
Her face was anything but gay,
In fact, suggested pain.
"Oh hubby, hubby dear!" she cried,
"I've awful news to tell. . . ."
"What is it, darling?" I replied;
"Your mother -- is she well?"

"Oh no! oh no! it is not that,
It's something else," she wailed,
My heart was beating pit-a-pat,
My ruddy visage paled.
Like lightning flash in heaven's dome
The fear within me woke:
"Don't say," I cried, "our little home
Has all gone up in smoke!"

She shook her head. Oh, swift I clasped
And held her to my breast;
"The children! Tell me quick," I gasped,
"Believe me, it is best."
Then, then she spoke; 'mid sobs I caught
These words of woe divine:
"It's coo-coo-cook has gone and bought
A new hat just like mine."

Patrick Kavikunua 13 March 2021

Good poem.. good intro loved it

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Kenneth Maswabi 09 March 2021

The suspense is real, i was caught unaware by the hand of curiosity. Amazing work.

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Pamela Lutwyche 23 August 2020

Oh, hats, that cook, tell her to take it back, haha good poem.

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* Sunprincess * 19 March 2014

.........a nice write...enjoyed every line...

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