Jim Yerman

A Dream - Poem by Jim Yerman

I had a little dream last night, oh it was nothing too extreme
But what made this one different is that I don’t usually dream.

I know that’s not quite true, the experts say we dream some every night
They even think we dream in color instead of black and white.

Which certainly begs the question that’s not as crazy as it seems
If a person is colorblind in real life, do they see colors in their dreams?

But I digress, it’s not that I do not dream, or dreaming I condemn
If I have dreams throughout the night, I just don’t remember them.

But I do remember last night’s dream, not all, but just a tad
For it involved a simple meeting between me, my mom and dad.

I was at some big auditorium on my way to a movie set (?)
When many friends came walking by asking, “Have you seen your parents yet? ”

Everyone I knew was going to the same place, it was early in the day
But I was going to make a movie and was heading the other way.

Since I was early I went to check it out before I headed into town
As I was searching throughout the stands I heard, “Jimmy, come sit down.”

Their they were as plain as day, long before they died.
Young and carefree and happy...sitting side by side.

I walked over and gave Mom a kiss on the cheek as Dad patted me on my head.
By the way this dream was in color, Mom was wearing lipstick...it was red.

I sat down, Dad asked me about the movie, “It’s going great.” I said
Then before I could say another word I woke up in my bed.

Dreams can be interpreted in many ways, no rule is hard and fast.
It could be, now that I’m retired, I was missing people from my past.

It could be subconsciously in my dream I was once again a little lad
Who needed comfort from my Mom or reassurance from my dad.

I do not know why I remembered this dream or if it’s meaning I’ll ever embrace
But I do know this morning I woke up with a smile on my face.

Perhaps we’re not meant to fully understand, and no dream is ever as it seems
Perhaps we are meant to have mystery in our life, and poetry in our dreams.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, February 1, 2014

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