A Dream Of A Waterfall Stream Poem by Chris Goss

A Dream Of A Waterfall Stream


When I think of an Indonesian field trip in the jungle, down a steep incline, the clearest stream emerges with bottle green and electric blue dragonflies bobbing across the ripples. High in the canopies monkeys darted away across branches to evade us. As we went a little upstream a 100 foot waterfall spilled into its stream. Ecstasy as climbing sides of falls and diving into the deep pool of the spill.

Recent trip to Thorpe Bay, scorching hot day, very warm sea, had own choice of playlist in Bluetooth ears, shades on, up to neckish in warm water, back to shore, ditching headgear, and few feet back in swam out beyond boys, laying on my back in warm water and basking in sun, relaxed legs and felt cool water, natural invitation for me to swim down few times to feel. Quite a few more strokes and then to shore for sunbathing/light Pilates exercises. Stroll along the beach, in search of ice-cream parlour, longer than expected. Perched on the shore wall, with a 3 scoop mango sorbet cup. The supplier had spoken to that day. Referred to it as an old friend in short version, sun, sea & sorbet.

Beating Sat Nav
Took meet 2.5 hours to get to Peterborough and seemed criss/cross way. On the way back Sat Nav estimated 6.48 arrival, stayed on A1M longer, time was reduced, stayed longer on A14, reduced again, longer on M11, reduced again, kinda heading to Stansted. When I got home it was 6.06, beating Sat Nav by 42 minutes.

Just a damn good shot
Having a beer and a chat in pubs

When in both late teens, they partied with me, and admitted that cutting their hair was no problem.

Listening to my playlists, blue tooth plugged and exercising or walking.

Games on my phone when played with very strong reward.
Any good feel social environment
When Leicester do well, enhanced if moment is shared with others
When England do well enhanced if moment is shared with others
Picnic in park/basking in sunlight, music, enhanced if moment is shared with others
Walking in areas of green where trees border almost all the way round (aka Morden Hall Park & now Great Baddow Recreation Ground

Wandle Park - Wimbledon
Autumn lunchtime walk, entered an area of concave trees, fire red/yellow/orange leaves adorning the trees and with low branches almost touching the carpet same fire red/yellow/orange grassy ground. It was almost like walking into a large furnace.

Walking/kicking through autumnal leaves

Walked home for lunch because I could not bear the constant belching in the office of a co-worker. On the way in a square cut out of pavement where a sapling was growing was the electric purple crocus, popped down and took an amazing picture.

And that's another one, good picture
Purple is my favourite colour

Childhood Misdemeanours
Small group, probably pre-teens, coming across a completely walled garden of a derelict house with an abandoned swimming pool littered with planks of wood, general debris, and of course full of water. We would run daredevil across (aka James Bond over crocs) .

Finding a bag of antique bottles, very excitedly, with a mate called Robert, realised there was another bag and reached that first.

Liking shorts or trousers that fit properly without need of a belt.
Used to be flip-flops
Always naturally acquire sun tan, never use sun cream.
When I see a pretty girl, clothes don't matter, too much makeup would.

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