A Few Lines On Natural Beauty

Rating: 5.0

The sun yet not raised
The clouds are ready to welcome...
And the trees, the flock of birds
As they become ready to dance and fly in the sky

The grass are bathing by dews beautifully
And the wind designing them softly
All rivers are vividly they beautifythemself as well
The natural beauty is looking better in this moment
How I wonder what an creation of someone or unknown!

As I'm looking west to east by my own two eyes
And I'm feeling very happy, want to enjoy a lot
As I'm still thinking about the flowery heaven-
No one best and most beautiful like the nature

Ho, the beauty of winter, beauty of moments-
Please keep my happiness in your vast world
Keep my life in your sky of heart peacefully
Dear life-maker you know who am I.....
You, the mother for me and girlfriend also

You are the one who gives me smile and bread
I know, you portrayed me in this paradise
And I never lose it before me
I request to you please keep stay longer as well

The songs of experiences, patriotic and revolution
As I can sing for your voice
The poems of peace, love and freedom
As I can compose as well by your inspirational beauty