A Forgotten Mother! Poem by Mahfooz Ali

A Forgotten Mother!

Rating: 4.0

Dear son, I hope and pray,
Someday our paths, will cross!

Each and every day I pray for you!
I hope that someday you will forgive me!

Please don't hold a grudge or hate me!
I wanted a better life for you!
I could not give you the life that I wanted for you!

Your mother now was given a beautiful gift!
A precious child that came out of my womb!

I long to meet and hug you!
So many years have gone by!
I just want to know that you are safe!

My sacrifice was great!
I wanted to give you a good life!
A life, that I could never have given you!

My only child, you are always in my heart!
Until the end of time, I will pray for you, and
Search for you, forever!

Tears roll down my face,
I am a forgotten mother!

Harivansh sharma 03 February 2015

No world to describe on such heart touching poem. Mother is always blessing in disguise..

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Unwritten Soul 16 September 2013

i fall in love reading this, so beautiful! ..vote it best! _Soul

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Abha Sharma 25 March 2008

very touching... Mothers should never be forgotten...her love is unconditional and everlasting

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David Harris 16 March 2007

Mahfooz, this is truly wonderful and heartbreaking. It must be hard for any mother to give up a child so they can have a better life. You have expressed that sacrifice so beautifully here. It is a very touching poem. Although I gave it 10 I personally think it is worth a 100. Thank you for sharing it. David

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Mahfooz Ali

Mahfooz Ali

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