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A bomb blasted in the train
Many people lost their life
A little boy orphaned
Cried: Why only my parents….?

The canvas of Human mind
Conveys the multidimensional kind,
By the three Layers of consciousness
And the double layer of time.

Whenever I am happy
The maternal eyes stare
Who had lost her child
In the bus accident

The two great friends Birth and Death
Conspired for humans, Lament and Breath;

The natal twinge the infant could never express

I am afraid of Failures………
I am afraid of Destiny……..
I am afraid of Death………
I am afraid of loosing you my love.

No doubt the terror was struck on thirteenth
No doubt the innocent lives were snapped
No doubt the widows wailed and children orphaned
No doubt the heritage pink tainted bloody red

Driving straight is fun
But careful dive along bow bends,
Trivial anticlimactic stances
Breed carking differences

Superstructure from material infrastructure
Social, economic, historical
Attitudes, values, Ideas,
Conscious mental states

A breath in trance;
An incessant struggle;

Love is Eternal they always say
More than that is proved in a day,

It is wonderful to be in Love

My esteemed reader
Warm greetings welcome you
But ah! Something is missing
It should be between us

So many words
So much to read
Poems, stories, dramas,
Articles, essays, treatise.

‘POETICS’ concocted with decent science
When ARISTOTLE the noble treatise design,

Brooded the BARD with ionic pen

Why do we always brood or complain?
When life is full of cares to maintain.

Humans are born with a special set

The sea roles on
Oak and palm reflect the wind
The petals bloom and fall
Traces the mind and recall

A new cell excited to breathe
Full of passion, emotions, needs,
Fill the womb with new hopes
The maternal affection Adrenal supports.

Who are they?
Where are they rushing?
Some little bodied souls
Rising before the sun


[To all my POET READERS ]

Space and Matter
Infinity define

Innumerous essence around

The time’s wheel is charged with speed
The eras like picture flash
All civilizations, culture, creed
Down they go, turning trash.

Abha Sharma Biography

I am here to appreciate and contribute some creative impulse which we all as humans experience time to time. I want to be in contact with those few people who create miracles out of words and images.I am an ardent Literature reader and read whatever good and creative come in my way.I have written some poems on such issues where I need the support of the readers, hope this way we all may contribute to uplift the society and eradicate evil. I am married to an engineer and a proud mother of a charming daughter. I have read Literature from Pre-Chaucerian era to contemporary, literary theories, American, Indian, Caribbean, etc.. I teach Literature upto post graduate level and groom students who take NET exam in literature.Linguistics and English Language Teaching are my special fields.)

The Best Poem Of Abha Sharma

2. Oh God Why Me?

A bomb blasted in the train
Many people lost their life
A little boy orphaned
Cried: Why only my parents….?

Tsunami flooded the shore
Many coast submerged
The beachside family reported missing
Kinfolk grieved: Why only my family….?

Earthquake battered the town
Complete population grounded
The victims unheard petition
Resounded: Why only our zone….?

A blind baby delivered
Of beautiful parents
The mother could not stop her tears
Lamented: Why only my child….?

The entry ticket to this world
Is marked with obnoxious barb
Adversity nurses the virtue of man
But why in such appalling garb?

Abha Sharma Comments

Pushkar Bisht 06 June 2008

Abha Sharma is really a great soul on this earth working for others nicely. Today the world requires a brave person like abha sharma who can show the reality to the world. I hope, in coming days we all members will be together to fight against the war which is defacing the face of my beautiful world.

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As a rule, i avoid placing comments that border a personal critiquing of a Writer, as opposed to commenting on the individual works of a Writer, in the general comment box, which i regard as impersonal, and strictly literary business, so to speak.However, as the ancient cliche so goes: ''There are exceptions to every rule'' And with that understanding in mind, let me just say, that after reading her complete jacket of work over this past month, and taking into consideration, that this young lady, is still exploring in the efflorescent stage of Creative Writing, i have prudently concluded, that Abha Sharma is the literary''Real Deal'', and that her passion, and natal largess for the Silent Word, paints a resplendent, and broad spectrum picture for future success, as she discovers & applies all that lies untapped, before her astute mind's-eye. In short......if you have not yet taken the opportunity to ensconce yourself within her unique philosophical theme style of verse...You are short-changng yourself...! _____F j R_____ -May 8TH,2008-

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Abba Sharma is going to make it a big thing.Inspite of the late entry her popularity has soured very high unlike ever before in the case ot the other poet members.Good poetry is not written like hen laying eggs.Talent supersedes the realms of volume and mere reputation.Keep it Ms Sarma...

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Abha Sharma Popularity

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