A Friend That Never Leaves Poem by Dave Dafes

A Friend That Never Leaves

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He woke up on the wrong side
With a mood like sour grapes
Like wormwood, all things around him tastes,
That which prior amused him,
Filled his heart with bile

The Avian choir each morning sang
Songs that teleport him to ecstatic peak
But the belly of hell this day sank
A dirge that sent forth his joy
As it flagrantly blazes on the pyre

T'was a symphony of nature,
Joined by the flowers that spew'd:
A nauseous chord of agonizing fragrant
From their delicate whorl,
Such soul renting tunes came.

Incubated by the putrid stench of perfidy
He retches a rabid fervor of despair,
Anxiety ‘n' utter anguish.
A bereaved bear deprived of her cubs
Overwhelmed, by the excruciating ache in his heart

He wept bitterly, helplessly watch'd Gehenna enshroud him
While still linger'd on the wings of the wind
The bittersweet sorrows of goodbyes
Seven lifetimes can't erase
A perpetual scar he'll forever bear

They left abruptly as they came,
Taking with them his joy.
His peace turned to conflict,
As his gaiety soured.
With a sorrowful garment garb

Deeply were the wounds of their departure
Concealed in their kisses ‘n' embrace
The thousand knives their lips stabbed him with
Inflictin' more wounds, while old ones painfully prod
His character lies besmirched, by foes in friends clothing

He decided to set forth his sail, to sail
Across the wild seven seas
In search of the fabl'd land of Elysium
Where dwell the unknown love he sought
The friend that never leaves,

Whose presence they said "all ills heals"
Banish all wounds,
Affectionately mend the broken-hearts
Of those who found Him
His steadfast love forever unceasing

His mercies ‘n' grace unending
Born each day anew
All his yenning, all his cares
Evaporates at His presence
All his desires fulfilled

With all weight shed,
Light as a feather, he floats beyond all limits
As Gravity failed to hold him down
His soul soared to lofty heights
Before the throne of his beloved

His soul leaped for joy,
Unspeakable joy cruises,
Thru' him to his world,
He's freeeeeeeeeeee, free at last!
Like a bird, he soared in His friendship,

In reckless abandon, he yielded all
Unburdens his heart of all cares,
Them yoked to himself,
Unyoked, he felt free for the first time,
Set at liberty to love and dream again.

What kind of love is this?
Even Hades cannot unbind
What kind of friend is this?
That in hell's depth, His presence is rife
How could he from Him flee?

Thou who caress my soul with peace,
Whose love is stronger than death
My beloved, in whom my soul rejoice
The one true friend that never leaves.
"I'll never leave nor forsake thee, " He said

Wednesday, March 6, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: friendship,love
Lorraine Colon 06 March 2019

A soul-touching poem of personal battles fought, and the peace that followed. What can heal us more effectively or more completely than the love of friends, mortal and divine?

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Dave Dafes 19 March 2019

Thanks for the encouraging comments.. God bless you!

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Dave Dafes

Dave Dafes

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