A Gal Named Grace Poem by George Hunter

A Gal Named Grace

There once was a gal named Grace
Who had an ugly face
—She said, 'My face I don't mind it,
—'Cause I am behind it
And It's a good hiding place.

Truly, I am no creep
And it's not just poor upkeep.
—I was born this way
—So remember today
That beauty is only skin deep.

I'm really a nice old gal
Who's in bad need of a pal
—Take a chance on me
—And we shall see
If this leads to knowledge car-nal.'

He said, 'Although there's a doubt
I'll give her a good tryout
—I put a bag over her head
—When I took her to bed
And that's how this thing worked out.'

Marieta Maglas 02 July 2009

meaningfully selected lines are fixed to kite up the tone and theme, I like your humor.

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Ron Flowers 03 May 2009

Good job. I love your humor. Ron

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Cindy Kreiner Sera 20 April 2009

Hilarious....I'm grinning like a Cheshire cat...Oh my.... paper bag indeed, keep it up my friend

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Jim Hogg 19 April 2009

There's something intrinsically entertaining about rhyme and you've mastered the art George. I enjoyed this - you had me smiling - and will be looking at more of your stuff... Thanks, jim

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