A Garden's Poem For Spring Poem by Dorothy (Alves) Holmes

A Garden's Poem For Spring

Rating: 4.5

Hear the buzz of the bees?
See the blooming of the trees?
Hear the birds as they sing...
Wake up! Wake up! Sleepy heads
'Tis Spring, 'Tis Spring!
Time to rise from your quiet beds...
Up pops a worm, a crocus or two,
Soon will come tulips and irises new.
Come pretty pansies, time to show
Your beautiful faces from under the snow...
Time for Lady Slippers and Baby's breath
So dainty and sweet
Time for Autumn Joy, who's colors repeat.
Time for Carnations with deep purple traces
Time for beautiful, stately Queen Anne's Laces.
Time for the uncurling of Hostas
With her varied leaves so bright...
Time for Evening Primrose to light up the night.
Come now, come now...let us put on a show,
Before you know it, we'll be covered with snow.
Let's put on a parade for all around to see,
Put on your best smiles and we'll fill
Everyone's heart with glee!
Stand tall blue head Veronica and Miss Bradshaw too
Come, come Shasta Dasies, they'll be looking for you.
Snap Dragons, turn this way...
Oh, you beautiful Zinas', you complete the day.
Roses, your bushes are budding,
Your fragrance will soon be flooding the air
In aromas so sweet...
And I'll plant moss roses to dance at your feet.

Katherine Wiley 22 January 2008

A very beautiful poem. There is a breezy atmosphere threaded through it, that brings all of the colors to mind. Truly lovely. Kate

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Janay Cawthorne 31 July 2007

I really love this poem. Takes me back to childhood. Oh, how we take such things for granted. I gues the saying 'take for granted' would not be in existence id everything was seen in heinsight.

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Rufus Purdie 26 June 2007

If only my garden were as lovely as this!

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Iris Washington 27 March 2007

This poem makes me feel I am right there, outside seeing it and hearing it all. It makes you smile and fill your heart up with joy.

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