A Gift-The Present Poem by Henry Brown

A Gift-The Present

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Since we were tiny we always wanted a present given to everyone of us
We would grab it with both hands and open it without any kind of fuss

Some were clothes, food or even a little toy
Some would make us sad while others brought us joy

This reminds me of the gift the Lord gives us each and every day
Some make us sad and others make us glad in a very special way

The gift He gives us is called the present
We have it with us always because that is what He sent

It so sad to see that most of us live in the future or the past
Take this as a wake up call it is only the present that will last

Why worry about tomorrow when you can enjoy yourself right now
No matter how hard you try you cannot change what happened any how

But if you look after the present (the now) that God has given you
It will become tomorrow and be a good day too

And then tomorrow will become yesterday in a wink
Which almost always will be good it makes you really think

Stop living for tomorrow and forget about yesterday
Just live this very moment as God will make a way

For your future and our past to be what He wants it to be
Live in the present so your past and your future will turn out for the best you'll see

Henry Brown 16th January 2011

Jean Dament 16 January 2011

A very nice poem offering us some good advice; that was well written. Thanks for sharing. Spiritsong

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Henry Brown

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