A Poets Poem Poem by Henry Brown

A Poets Poem

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Dear fellow poets from far and wide
You pen your words with grace and pride

Some with ideas that come thick and fast
Others a little slower but everyone’s poems will last

What makes a poet write a poem
Is it for pleasure or to be well known

The skill is given to a chosen few
It is a gift to always come up with something new

Should a poem rhyme or should it not
I have read both types and they are all pretty hot

Only once in a while a special poem gets written
When you read one of those the bug has bitten

For you realize that the bye product is the fame
But all that have read it will never be the same

To all my fellow poets never stop just write
And I will guarantee you your future will be bright

Hemry Brown December 09

Lynn Glover 04 February 2011

A very beautiful poem, Henry, with the smoothest flow I've seen in some time. Great rythm with words for all poets to read. Thanks for a great poem by a great poet. Your friend, Lynn.

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Smoky Hoss 29 November 2010

Good stuff. It is truly joy to write.

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Manonton Dalan 19 March 2010

great rhyme... it sounds like a song. thanks for sharing us.md

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Henry Brown

Henry Brown

Johannesburg South Africa
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