End Times Poem by Henry Brown

End Times

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Heed the cries the end is nigh
Man is lost, crime is high.

Rumours of war, earthquakes in diverse places
Hate toward others of different races.

It is not a matter of black or white
But rather doing what is right.

Financial turmoil, some committing suicide-
What will it take to stop the tide?

Surely though man has no solution
The world is filled with his pollution.

Governments falling without a voice-
No freedom of speech or any choice.

In all of this the time has come-
Make up your mind on Gods only Son.

For even if it is the end of all-
In Him you will be free if you obey His call.

Henry N Brown Copyright 17th July 2009


divinely said.. it is a well written piece, and from the piece, I see you are part fo the Church..God bless you bro.

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Alf Hutchison 23 October 2009

AMEN! ! Henry...people still will not see that this world is in a spiral fall...and it is never going to get better without God's intervention... Very well said my brother... Alf

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Chris G. Vaillancourt 13 October 2009

A wonderful poem! Very powerful

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Henry Brown

Henry Brown

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