A Great Divide Poem by sylvia spencer

A Great Divide

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A hot summer burns each golden day then Autumn
calls with it's coat of grey. Falling leaves and winds
that are strong a mild taste of winter that can be hard
and long. A faded blue sky turns a misty grey as it heads
down that darkend way. Then after dawn the sun rarely shows
but the embers in the fire just glows and glows.
The sea and the surf just crash on the shore another year over
just as many before.Fishermen take time to mend their nets
the catch is now over but there are no regrets.
Days of the year told in time and tide, a circle around the world
as the seasons divide.A different climate for bird and beast but
poverty remains and for those there is no feast.
A green pasture for one and a desert for another pray tell me
why this Earth has been called Mother.

Francesca Johnson 14 October 2006

I enjoy the season of autumn and enjoyed your description of it, but this poem is about inequality, a sad fact of life on earth. Never the less, it was a good read and a thought-provoking one. Love, Fran xxx

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Scarlett Treat 09 October 2006

Dearest English Rose, she is called our Mother because she birthed us, but sometimes, Mothers don't take very good care of their desperate children, and she ignores their cries...Sad thought.

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Sandra Fowler 09 October 2006

Both beauty and wisdom eloquently expressed in this exceptional poem.Wonderful work, Sylvia. I am proud to be thought of as your sister/friend from across the Atlantic. Love, Sandra

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