A Girly Tale Poem by sylvia spencer

A Girly Tale

Rating: 5.0

I sat in a cafe an ate a cake I knew I had too
because I was getting as thin as a rake.
'As thin as a rake' my Mother said if you don't
eat more you will soon be dead; so I sat an
thought about what she had said.
I sat for hours puzzling what to do, then Dad
started shouting 'have you finished in the loo.
I have to get to work, I don't have time to fuss
and because of you I have missed my bus!
I came home from that cafe called The Greasy Spoon
The one where the jukebox plays the same tune.
I rushed to the loo because I felt ill, then I remembered
my birth control pill. I have forgotten to take it for days
on end, so now I've got my boyfriend to defend.
Mum said I was getting as thin as a rake, maybe her
eye sights bad and she has made a mistake.
When you first get pregnant do you start to lose weight,
Cor Blimey mate my heads in a state.
Can I spare the cash for a pregnancy test, I surpose I
better because my brain won't rest.
There's a queue at the chemist half a mile long because
there's a man up the front the size of King Kong.
If the shop was bigger the man could get out, what a
shame is so stout.Shops were not made for people like
him, cor I aint half glad I'me wafer thin.
My test is positive what do I do now, cry to my Dad like
a poor old cow. Life is for living so some people say and
Iv'e had my cake and ate it, now I'me to pay.
I will be a mother in less than six months and I'me kept
by the goverment and claiming the bunts.

Lisa Wilkinson 26 June 2008

A great girly tale this is Sylvie! Very amusing and Im sure this is apt for some people. Thanks for sharing, Lisa

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Ernestine Northover 18 April 2007

Gee, what a complicated life one leads. As usual your great storytelling is on top form. Woven with such flair. Love Ernestine XXX

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Duncan Wyllie 18 April 2007

A thought-provoking story/poem that tells of those complicated days when we were wild and free and then had to face the consequences Ah well, all the best Sis Hope things are rosy for ya now Love duncan X

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Sandra Fowler 18 April 2007

Excellent write, Sylvia. A very strong message delivered here. You are a truly gifted story teller. I look forward to the next one. Love, Sandra

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Scarlett Treat 18 April 2007

Poor sad little gal...hurt at home, hurt by the guy...no where to turn, little skinny gal, sick and alone. What a sad, sad story, and more true than ever. It always seems to be the girls who bear the burden. Good story Rosie.

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