A Lament For Adonis Poem by Sappho

A Lament For Adonis

Rating: 2.9

Cytherea, thy dainty Adonis is dying!
Ah, what shall we do?
O Nymphs, let it echo, the voice of your crying,
The greenwood through!

O Forest-maidens, smite on the breast,
Rend ye the delicate-woven vest!
Let the wail ring wild and high:
'Ah for Adonis!' cry.
O Sappho, how canst thou chant the bliss
Of Kypris — after such day as this?
'Oh Adonis, thou leavest me — woe for my lot!
And Eros, my servant, availeth me not!'
So wails Cytherea, grief-distraught.
'Who shall console me for thee? There is none —
Not Ares my god-lover, passionate one
Who sware in his jealousy forth to hale
Hephaestus my spouse from his palace, if he
Dared but to lift his eyes unto me.
Not he can console me, Adonis, for thee!'

Wail for Adonis, wail!

Patricia Saunders 11 June 2014

What is this crap? Sappho didn't write this! The Greek poet did not write in rhyming English.

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Jenny Hanniver 11 June 2018

Even though I'd like to share these translations, they are worthless without the name of the translator(s) .

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Abhimanyu Kumar.s 19 November 2017

A beautiful penned art. So soothing

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Shivangi Mariam 16 October 2016

Wail for Adonis, wail!

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* Sunprincess * 04 September 2015

...............beautiful poem....and so inspiring ★

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Patricia Saunders 11 June 2014

What? ? ? ? ? Who are you, who pretends to be the great ancient poet Sappho? That Greek woman did not write in rhyming English. How dare you mangle those beautiful poetic fragments the REAL SAPPHO wrote?

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