In Adoration Poem by Sappho

In Adoration

Rating: 2.9

Blest as the immortal gods is he,
The youth whose eyes may look on thee,
Whose ears thy tongue's sweet melody
May still devour.

Thou smilest too!--sweet smile, whose charm
Has struck my soul with wild alarm,
And, when I see thee, bids disarm
Each vital power.

Speechless I gaze: the flame within
Runs swift o'er all my quivering skin:
My eyeballs swim; with dizzy din
My brain reels round;

And cold drops fall; and tremblings frail
Seize every limb; and grassy pale
I grow; and then--together fail
Both sight and sound.

Kim Barney 15 March 2015

Wow! For a poem as old as this one, it seems surprisingly modern and easily understandable. Whoever translated it did a great job, I assume. (Maybe this English translation is even better than the original, who can tell?)

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Sylvia Frances Chan 10 February 2023

Dear Kim, the English translation is excellent, but Sappho was a poetess who wrote in her time modern and understandable.

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* Sunprincess * 04 September 2015 superb, this poem is so beautiful...adding to my favorites ★

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Yildirim Beyazit 10 February 2023


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Latha Govindasamy 21 October 2016

Very sensational. Written the poem in a very involved manner.

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Terence George Craddock 27 February 2024

I wrote the poem 'Adoration Ancient Digitized Translated', inspired by the poem 'In Adoration', by the poet Sappho and dedicated to Sappho, back in March 2015.

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MAHTAB BANGALEE 11 February 2023

beautiful loving poem and sueprb rhyming style; great to read

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Sylvia Frances Chan 10 February 2023

The melodious voice of sappho resounds throughout the valley. we look up to the mountains. She can come at any moment. Sappho's poem can stir emotions. Very beautiful poem, in which we clearly hear her voice.And see her in full adoration

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Yildirim Beyazit 10 February 2023

What a perfect poem

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Mary Skarpathiotaki 30 September 2018

Excellent! ! ! ! Adorable Sappho..10+++++++++++++++++! ! ! ! ! ! !

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