A Letter From God... Poem by SarahLaney Long

A Letter From God...

Rating: 4.5

I've created this universe, and i've created
and i'm very sad and brokenhearted to
see, all the evils that you do.

I've created each of you in my own image,
to love each other, and to show respect
and care,
but you've turned your backs on me
i'm watching you, just be aware.

I will come like a thief in the night, and strike
the evil ones with all of my might,
you know not of the hour of my coming, the
day or even the night.

For the righteous ones.

For those that paid heed to the reasons why
my only son had to bleed,
I promise you that on judgment day on your
behalf he will definitely intercede.

He will really keep fast hold of you with
his right hand of righteousness, (ISIAH 41: 10)
he will be there faithfully for you, under any
and all circumstances.

Do not be afraid oh you righteous ones, for he's
always walking with you,
and don't ever lose sight of me, and him no
matter what you do.

So, turn from any evil ways, and start doing
what is right,
or forever you will walk in limbo, in eternal
darkness of the night.

Jemarie Ragudo 24 November 2007

For someone young, you write with sense and talent. Good job!

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Kefentse Sathekge 26 September 2007

quite refreshing, flows very well. good stuff sarah.

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