Thoughts of a Single Man

A Letter Left In Glass - Poem by Thoughts of a Single Man

I walked across the sand of the beach as the sun began to set

I watched in its firefly glaze and sweeping blaze

as it began to fall marveling at it in all it's glory

hanging there like the Jupiter's mass

engulfed in Saturn's swirling rings

my mind ponders such things

the beauty of it all

the days I do fondly and tenderly recall

and in the wake of the streaming sky I felt so very small

but my desire was larger than the span of the heavens above

deeper than any fathom of the ocean blue

and higher than any majestic mountain peak

for what I speak of is an unending quest

for a love that was lost long ago before the nights ran cold

scripted on the pages torn from a fairytale of old

where the statues of the gods of creation stand and take hold

as the fingers of angles carved our features into the mold

I am lost without you

drifting aimlessly and alone like the broken bark

floating on the reef where lay the wreckage of broken hearts

I dream about you

always finding my comfort in the soothing ripples in my sleep

yet when I awake you are not there and so I still weep

and so I returned here

hoping just for some strange reason I would find a clue

some sort of tattered remnant

fluttering through the air on the winds of recollection

something, anything, that reminds me of you

so I walked in the same footprints of the trail that we left

set in the same sand where I held your hand

when our hearts found each other and our souls mated and met

and then suddenly for a moment I was there as if you were there

wanting so desperately to look to my side

and see you walking beside me as you did that day

I am incomplete now

just an elaborate presentation of a puzzle with a missing piece

for without you I know not how my heart is able to beat

I remember those quiet moments when I laid at your feet

massaging away the days regrets as you caressed my frame

whispering thankfully your name so very sweetly in our intent

as the ache and tension that encompassed my body and mind

was untangled like the knotted ropes that plagued my spine

as we watched the sun slip away in it's decent

yet now I walk alone and the sun has skirted away

hidden until the next birthing day now giving way

to the darkness that is the night as I still stroll

with a heavy heart under the twinkles of the stars

as they poke their minute pinholes in the curtain of night

I inhale the salt from the ocean as the waves echo

like a shell put to ear as my tongue tenderly licks my cheek

holding the fleeting taste of a freshly falling tear

if only I could hold you near

and find you in the mirrored reflection of my own quaking soul

I will search for you until the sands of time run dry

until the clouds fade and fall from the sky

for I know no other was meant for me and could ever be

my partner on the roads of interpretation

where only dreamers tend to tread

as I leave my dripping ink on the many empty pages

hoping somehow, some way, your loving eyes will find me

and read the words I said and clear these images from my head

I cannot give up

for there is only one mate made for one breathing soul

and I know it was you the moment I held you

and first spoke your name aloud

the second our lips touched and the instant our mouths met wet

before the physical inception we embraced in our minds

two of a kind conceived and ripped from the same liberty page

carved on the same wall where the lovers of destiny

hang their hats and then I crumble into the layers of loves waves

my head bowed now in a single solemn prayer

as the emergence of life's light finds me sitting quietly there

as the sun makes it's return over the beckoning horizon

that I will find you once again

and reclaim the connection that still surges through my pen

I cast my love upon the currents of the shadows of the wind

in the hope that it's breeze will caress your velvet skin

and just as I turn to go as the air becomes colder

as if the sea knew and it grew from the volume of my tears

and the shadow of a lone dove hovered still against the swollen moon

and the ship in me lay still

bobbing on those resettles waters murmuring it's silent tune

it is then I see a tiny glimmer on the shore and make my way near

and for an instant I smile

like the child on Christmas morning when the new day is dawning

hoping against all hopes that this is a gift for me alone

solidifying my beliefs in the unicorns and leprechauns,

the tiny fairies and fawns, that dance in the rainbows core

as I reach down and pick up a bottle with a note in it

and as I open it I feel your scent greet my nose

and I know there is a chance that I may breathe once more

as I stand there in the sand of the beach with my heart open

and my eyes tightly closed

where does the path of destiny lead before me

only the lords of love can know

but I am the dreamer, the thinker, and the wanderer

of the endless plains of driven hope

the embodiment of every tender touch that was ever dared

and I know that above all that exists in the web of wonder

that dreams are just reality waiting to be shared

for the greatest query of all

remains in the folds of the questions never asked

the scent of the memories of the past

but perhaps now there are is an answer that is seen now before me

captured in the shimmering crystal of a new found story

written on the seeping ink of the single page

of a letter left in glass

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