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A Letter To Everyone

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Young men go to war like the one in Iraq
Some return lifeless when they come back
Such a young man was Andy; he was only twenty
On his computer was a letter that said plenty

It was not sent, it was to be read only if he did not survive
He prayed, but he was not certain he would come home alive
In his letter to everyone, he thanked them immensely
For being a friend and caring about him so intensely

For a man who was not long ago a student in high school
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Marci Made 14 August 2007

Fpr those of us who never have and never will experience this horribly sad tragedy that is happening over and over and over, we still can imagine the pain but not understand how anyone can get through this....Such a great sacrifice to keep those of us at home safe.Truly they are Angels in heaven at the moment of death...so sad, this is just so very sad........hugs, marci.xo~~

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Ben Gieske 12 March 2007

After reading this poem, be sure to read Jessica's poem, A Mother's Fear.

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Ben Gieske 12 March 2007

Thanks, your letter makes us think again of the real tragedy of war.

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Ronald Stroman 09 March 2007

your letter has been received graciously.

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