A Letter To My Dad Poem by jim foulk

A Letter To My Dad

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Dad it's been twenty years,
since you have been gone now
when ever I think of you
the thought, brings tears

There's so much to tell
you, I don't know where to begin
two months, after you died
we had a son, he's so big now, I'm in a spell

I wanted for you, to meet my wife,
in a way you did, only at your funeral,
by then, it was to late
strangers were we, but never any strife

Between us, there was no hate or any love
many wasted words had we
I would like to mention, we have a daughter,
and she's sweet as a dove

Remeber the day, that you gave me old shep
he was a very fine dog
for a long time, I had him
for many years, he had a lot of pep

After nine years, he died too,
seems like ever thing I love
dies sooner or later
and that makes me feel, very blue

You don't realize, how much you love
some one, until their gone,
and then they
fly away like a dove

Toward the end, we had some good talks
you told me many things i didn't know
at your farm, on our many walks

You told me how you played ball,
it must have been something,
to have played back then
my son, dad like you is very tall

I have a very happy life
dad, I wish you could meet
my son and daughter,
also my wife

Dad, it's to bad, I didn't know you better,
too many years were wasted
and I should have told you, I love you,
so that's the reason, for this letter

written June 18,1990 In Memory of my dad Elmer W. Foulk
Born September 13,1904 Died October 10,1970

John Tiong Chunghoo 15 December 2006

jim, i love this poem. very pognant and real. power of poetry.

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Claire Delap 16 December 2006

very heart felt maybe i should take a leaf out of your book but i think for me its too late to heal to many wounds

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Drea Dream 15 November 2008

its people like u that makes people relize and remember how important it is to have a father in a child an also as we grow up. your poem is beautiful

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Brittany Wright 31 January 2007

i really like this poem its very sad im sorry about ur loss but i bet he knew how u felt even if the words were not said

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Sandra Fowler 21 January 2007

You touched the soul of every person who ever lost a beloved father with this one, Jim. Thank you. Kindest regards, Sandra

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Not a member No 4 01 January 2007

A very open and heartbreaking poem to your obviously much missed Dad. I'd guess he would have been very proud and happy to have read these very fine words. It takes bottle to write and post this kind of searing honesty jim. I really appreciate it. jim

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Charley60 K 31 December 2006

Jim, this was a very good write. It was a beautiful letter to your father. Reminded me of a poem I wrote for my Dad. It was beautiful how you wanted to share so much with him. It is strange the things we remember and even all the time that was wasted. I too began to understand only some of the things about my father perhaps within a couple of years before he passed. I have to say, Shep, was quite a dog as I read your writing on him. This was a very good write and that perhaps the things we didn't get to do with our parents instilled in us to be better towards our own children. Sorry for your loss.....I did enjoy this letter.

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