A Letter To My Daughter Christine Poem by jim foulk

A Letter To My Daughter Christine

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To many miles apart are we now
can i say i'm sorry anyhow
yesterday we talked about what happened
words were said, that should be tossed away
years ago in a far away day
when you both came over to stay
Jimmy is gone now, but your still here
so we have today, yesterday is gone
tomorrow will bring new memories
that we can share my daughter dear
Chris lets start today brand new, the past is long gone
so sorry about things that have happened to you
I love you so much, more than you know
lets make today a brand new start
i know if we do, it will bring a glow to our heart

Jerry Hughes 13 February 2007

Jim, I hope you, and your daughter resolved your differences. My biological daughter doesn't recognise me as her father and that's devestating - every man should love, and be loved by his girl child. It's one of lifes most beautiful rewards and I've never experienced it to my great sorrow. Bless you both. Love, Jerry

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Brittany Wright 31 January 2007

that made me cry i hope things with ur daughter work out because i dont know what i'd do with out my dad

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Not a member No 4 26 January 2007

Such a sad situation jim. Another very honest piece of writing. I hope you're able to sort things out with Christine. All the best. jim

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Cecil (cj) Krieger 18 January 2007

With me, it's my son... I truly identify with this... a very fine write

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Bob Blackwell 22 December 2006

Both my daughters live on the other side of the world, one visited me last Xmas and i had to write similar words to you JIm, life is full of problems, its how we handle them that counts. Keep writing nice poem. Bob

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jim foulk

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