A Little Bit More Poem by Gerald Opio

A Little Bit More

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A time left to waste, yet a lot could have been done about it (pondering about it) ,
Nothing was to call to fault apart from us, the perpetrators of our own parting.
A little more time devoted to us was all that was needed, but your own selfishness couldn't let you.
Self-seeking you were, provoked by your self-centeredness.
The more I craved for your love, the further you were from my cravings.
Just because you didn't care at all, neither did you try to.
The extremity of your deeds casted an emptiness so profound in the embers of my heart and soul, rendering me into conformity to apathy.
My desire for you was repressed and it recurringly regressed to a void so vast.
Destitute I became, despondency was my own portion for expecting so much from an unworthy consort.
Gullible I was, that I couldn't even notice the red flags that were cleary visible for me to perceive.
My cordial love was taken for granted, so crushed my spirit was!
But was a little bit more of your time too much to ask?
Well, only despair was I left of, from a love I anticipated much from, me and my broken heart turned out to be the happy ever after we all vyed for.
But in all this, I learnt that moving on was the best way out of this, dragging my broken heart with me til it ceased to ache.
As time went on, I realized that, the excruciating pain I initially felt was no more, and me standing on my two feet was all that was left, ready to go again.

Thursday, May 4, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: broken heart
The aftermath of a broken heart
D.N. Rebb 05 May 2023

This poem speaks volume.The hurt is compassionately sensed. I truly loved it. Keep writing

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Gerald Opio 05 May 2023

Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate your opinion on this.

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