Act Of Persistence Poem by Gerald Opio

Act Of Persistence

Rating: 4.5

How hard is holding on?
When all you get is being pushed away
By the people you love and cherish
A heart wrecking moment it is

A bounty of thoughts is heaped on your head
You are perplexed to the core, not knowing what to do next.
You start seeking for validity,
From people that you don't even know

But then amidst all this, you don't give up on yourself.
You keep on going, getting better and better.
You rescue yourself from the solitary confinement you were rendered in by your loved ones.

Persistence is all you do, mostly with the things that still matter to you.
You realize that all you had left was you.
And you get to know how powerful you are
When you are by yourself, thinking about your future
And things that still mean a lot to you
Like nature, the surroundings and the beautiful ambience around you

Then you set a theme for yourself
A theme that says I will never forsake myself
You set boundaries for yourself, something that exhibits self care
Hence a beautiful aura you create for yourself
One that is free from distress, envy, ego and so many vices.

Thursday, April 13, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: perseverance
Bri Edwards 18 April 2023

4 stars. Let me look at your 2nd poem on PH. bri : )

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Bri Edwards 18 April 2023

stanza 5: 'Hence a beautiful you create for yourself' Well, I THINK you meant to have a word or words between ' beautiful' & 'you'.

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Gerald Opio 20 April 2023

Yeah, I wanted to write scenery or aura

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Bri Edwards 18 April 2023

stanza 4: 'Persistence is all you do, mostly with the things that still matter to you.' I suggest 'Persisting'.

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