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A teenage girl strolling down the street
Looking around the city and it's outskirts
Meditating in the process
She gazes at the sky and smiles

Through the valleys,
I walk...
its darkness threatens me not,
because life has suckled me bone-dry.

There has never been a time
or will there be a time,
when my heart will allow me
to love less or reciprocate less

You wake up,
You brush,
Go to work,

A love never anticipated
One never presumed
As a mystery it happens
Twisting all dimensions

At a certain point in time, there was that young me, so inquisitive and curious.
Always seeking out for new adventures, scenarios and experiences.
So naive and ingenious I was, accompanied with a timid mind that was afraid of exploring new things.
I would talk to myself, inform of mediation, just to help me gather some balls.

How hard is holding on?
When all you get is being pushed away
By the people you love and cherish
A heart wrecking moment it is

I will love you.
But not how I used to love.
Because my heart was toyed with.
My past has been so cruel to me.

I am just a man,
With the highest of ambition,
To live a life so high,
So high that supersedes all expectations of the world.

A time left to waste, yet a lot could have been done about it (pondering about it) ,
Nothing was to call to fault apart from us, the perpetrators of our own parting.
A little more time devoted to us was all that was needed, but your own selfishness couldn't let you.
Self-seeking you were, provoked by your self-centeredness.

When I am down - I revert to my pen and paper ~ inscribing all my weary thoughts on a scroll.
So relinquishing it is - writing connotes therapy ~ alleviating to our crushed spirits.
Dewy-eyed while writing - tears dropping on paper ~ drying in due time courtesy of the sun's scorching heat.
Appending indelible ink on paper - indefinite reference written ~ storing all the pain felt permanently.

As I catch up to a night coffee
While sitting on the couch
By eight o'clock in the evening
Momma joins me

Days go by
Months come and go
Years fly
Time passes by so fast

Life's truly a mystery
Only thee can comprehend

Times and times again

Couldn't help overhearing
Words that hurt me profoundly
Both my soul and heart afflicted
Imparting an excruciating pain

Is a way of living.
It is
in the blood.

For the times past and ages to come;
By your mercy we have survived.
For the innumerable sins of man prevalent;
Your mercy prevails.

Life has a continuous nature
It does not wait for anyone
Neither does it solace
Nor commiserate anyone

If I had done this; Could it have turned out better?
If I hadn't done it; Would it turn out any different?
If life gave me a second chance; Would I have lived better?
If it all happened as I anticipated; Would I be happy?

Your beauty elates me,
altering the pulse of my heart.
My body reverberates -
with my heartbeat throbing fast.

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I am passionate about writing and I am good with imaginative poetry, essay writing and narrations. I ought to improve on my writing skills further through your guidance, support and positive criticism of my writing. All your comments, notions and connotations are welcome, highly regarded and appreciated. I accord poem hunter as my extended family as I seek to expatiate on my writing skills and knowledge. I am of a notion that my ebullient desire and passion for writing will elevate me to greater heights with your utmost assistance.)

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A Woman's Joy

A teenage girl strolling down the street
Looking around the city and it's outskirts
Meditating in the process
She gazes at the sky and smiles
Stunned by the beauty of the blue sky that thee created.

She gets ensnared in thoughts about her self
How she will survive as a single expectant mother?
Then she grins when a thought of how angelic the baby she carries crosses her mind
One that is still free of any sin
She gains a beacon of hope from that thought

Time passes by, days turn to weeks
Weeks to months, hence labour time approaches
She gets rushed to the ward
Inside there, all she thinks of is her unborn baby
Enduring and being strong so that she could deliver

She is now into labour pains
She keeps on pushing and pushing
Hoping and praying fervently for her baby to come out healthy
Suddenly, a cry of baby is heard
Mother feels alleviated at the sound of her baby
The pains that she felt quickly disappear as she wraps her baby in her arms.
That feeling is invigorating.

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Keep on going until you can no more, it's all that matters when all Hope is lost. Giving up is only an option for the weak, the strong believe in advancing a step further.

Do it once, a mistake it qualifies. But do it the second time, an intent it becomes. Do it the third time, a habit it becomes.

Giving up is an option for those who weren't up for the task.

You only do what you thought about.

Desire does not die when we fear, it dies when we give in to fear.

Happiness is free, do not attach any monetary value to it.

Lies are as important as truth, for without lies, the truth is worthless.

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