Gerald Opio Poems

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Life Is A Routine

You wake up,
You brush,
Go to work,

A Woman's Joy

A teenage girl strolling down the street
Looking around the city and it's outskirts
Meditating in the process
She gazes at the sky and smiles

Nothing Much Left Of Me

Through the valleys,
I walk...
its darkness threatens me not,
because life has suckled me bone-dry.

A Love Like No Other

There has never been a time
or will there be a time,
when my heart will allow me
to love less or reciprocate less

Mystery Of Love

A love never anticipated
One never presumed
As a mystery it happens
Twisting all dimensions

First Love

At a certain point in time, there was that young me, so inquisitive and curious.
Always seeking out for new adventures, scenarios and experiences.
So naive and ingenious I was, accompanied with a timid mind that was afraid of exploring new things.
I would talk to myself, inform of mediation, just to help me gather some balls.

Act Of Persistence

How hard is holding on?
When all you get is being pushed away
By the people you love and cherish
A heart wrecking moment it is

Forgive Me, For It Wasn't My Fault.

I will love you.
But not how I used to love.
Because my heart was toyed with.
My past has been so cruel to me.

My Childhood Memories

As I catch up to a night coffee
While sitting on the couch
By eight o'clock in the evening
Momma joins me

The Good I Know

Life's truly a mystery
Only thee can comprehend

Times and times again

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