A Little Shine From You Poem by yellowbell alamanda

A Little Shine From You

Just a little shine from you
You are bringing me to the top
A little shine from you
I'm in fantasy in a snap.

The magic seems so real
when you smile, it made me swirl
I can't believe you made me feel this way,
I even forgot the right words to say.

When you shine a little,
the stars were forgotten,
they need to shine like you
if they want to be seen.
But I will choose you still
even if you shine a little.

No one like you had crossed over to my lane
it's okay, you can laugh
if you think I'm insane
but now, there's one thing that I am sure,
admiration for you is pouring from my core.

In my eyes you are brilliant
others would fade in a month
but in my heart you are the only one
and no one had entered like you can.

Because, just a little shine from you,
made my world upside down,
I could paint your beauty
through the break of dawn.
I forgot my quiet world
I could say the words I've never said,
this is a story that had never been told.

Just a little shine from you
my universe has it's light
and you are the first one
who appeared on my sight.
I wish, this moment won't gone too soon
or else I'll turn again to a pale moon,
the blue will turn to black
and my heart, again will be locked.

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