...And I Hide Poem by yellowbell alamanda

...And I Hide

They says, she's one of the best
She's different from the rest
She's the one to watch out for
She's promising, they expect more.

She's trying to believe
Seeing things that ahead
She's smiling, looking proud
She's acting in the crowd.

But she hide,
Hide under her bed
Afraid to fall,
When she fall, when she call
She don't know whom to call.

She saw the lightning struck
And it gave her a shock
She's fighting, she was brave
But she was hiding..and I hide.

They admired,
She's inspired.
Every lips' smiled,
She was flying for a while.

They're coming,
They're leaving.
They're pretentious,
They're hideous.

The wall clasped
and she heard a fake laughed
They walked and ignored
the room become bored.

They were watching,
They were lurking
They were sparkling, they were tall
She back out, feeling small.
No sense of belonging
She hide, ... and I hide.

(never let anybody to put you down, stand who you are)

-yellowbell alamanda

Gordon Tseng 05 March 2012

We admire, You're inspired. Every rhyme smile, This made us fly for a while.

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Naida Nepascua Supnet 09 October 2011

this is so true we sometimes feel afraid to what people expect from us we might not meet them also if they expect so much we try to live up to what they expect from us but deep inside when we are alone when the door closes that is when we truly feel that WE HIDE

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