A Little Squirrel (Fun Poem) Poem by David Harris

A Little Squirrel (Fun Poem)

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All summer long he collected his nuts
Burying them here and there
When it came to dig them up
He couldn’t remember where
He hid his treasure store

The moral of this tale
Be sure, there is one indeed
If you want to bury your treasures
And you ain’t that smart
Draw a little map, that will help for a start

Francesca Johnson 09 April 2007

I know a 'little squirrel' who needs a map on where he left his keys and mobile phone! Enjoyed this, David.......now where did I leave my pen? .... Love, Fran xx

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Alison Cassidy 19 December 2007

I had to check out this one because I've been making squirrel's costumes all week in preparation for my children's dance performance. They are such dear little critters, though quite feisty I'm told (the one's in my show certainly are!) . One of the dad's was telling me how they fed squirrels recently during a visit to the UK. Apparently the squirrels would take a nut deftly from the hand, run a few steps, stop, dig a little hole in the ground, pat down the earth firmly over it and scamper back for more. He was enchanted with them, as I am with this poem! love, Allie xxxx

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Caroline Morton 13 May 2007

What a fun little poem. I agree with shelia, do a childens short poem book and get someone to do the drawings

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... Sheila 03 May 2007

I love your 'fun' poems especially so. You have a fine sense of humor. Have you ever thought of writing some kids books. They'd totally dig this stuff!

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Lakshmi Sundhar 29 June 2020

Nice and had a great experience to make a poem and I liked the poem and the morale good job

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Kim Barney 03 April 2017

A good poem with a good moral. More than just fun. Very good advice.

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Jayatissa K. Liyanage 13 January 2017

More than fun, this teaches us a gem of a life-lesson. Please read my poem Good, Bad and who knows........ for fun.Thank you for sharing.

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Marmaduke Williams 04 June 2013

Such an emotional poem. I love the way you use the squirrel as a metaphor for Hitler. Wonderful. It was like I was actually there. It's also nice how you use the treasure as a metaphor for Jews.

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Celia Bemmet 23 May 2017

That is an interesting response that you have. How did you come to that conclusion?

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Rasasilent Rasasilent 12 May 2011

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