All Roads Lead Back To You Poem by David Harris

All Roads Lead Back To You

Rating: 4.6

Some roads are rough and rocky
Some very narrow to get through
But whatever road I travel
It always leads back to you
You are my beacon light
That shines through every storm
You are there by the fire
That keeps our house a home
You walk with me each day
Through happiness and pain
You are my sheltering umbrella
Whenever there is rain
No matter where I travel
Where ever in the world I roam
I have the inner knowledge
That I will never lose my way
Because all roads lead back to you
And the place we call our home

3 March 2007

Lola Cunningham 15 March 2007

David, a touching, moving and wonderful poem. Loved it!

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Lisa Wilkinson 30 March 2007

Oh wow, you are my sheltering umbrella, I never heard that before its great. Another to add to my faves. Bravo,10/10

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Jim Foulk 16 March 2007

another beautiful write, heart touching, heart warming poem.

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Duncan Wyllie 24 March 2007

Small wonder why so many voted you ten here David, what a great spot to sit Love duncan X

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Alison Smith 03 March 2007

You are truly blessed.... Alison

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Mountain Man 12 December 2020

Love is the thing that brings it all back together...

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Lee Degnan 03 October 2007

A wonderful tribute to love, this is a beautiful song straight from your heart. You are truly a poet, and a wise and wonderful a mate you must be too! Life can be difficult, but if you have love, you are that much stronger for it. Hugs, Lee

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Original Unknown Girl 23 July 2007

I found it! Knew that would happen.... must've been having a wee blind moment! This is gorgeous aswell, it shows that when there are hard times we should look to the one that is always there, I'll take that from this, a lesson to be learned and listen to. Thanks for sharing. You are a wonderful scribe David. HG: -) xx

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JoAnn McGrath 19 May 2007

Awe......that's what I should have done....married a poet....Fist few lines you could almost be writing about so lucky to be you: O)

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Shelley L Baxter-stanley 16 April 2007

Wow, I love this poem David! It has such a great message and the title is perfect.Great imagery and just a well written easy read that warms the heart because of the message behind it.It is one of those poems that when you read wish you had wrote it.(This is for sure the case for me!) ((Smile)) Keep sharing from the heart.Top of the line poetry! (ten stars) =Shelley=

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