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Chasing Rainbows

Rating: 4.7

Chasing rainbows
That should have followed the rain
Chasing old loves
‘cause no new loves came
Chasing old dreams
For no new dreams came along
Writing old love letters
‘cause there are no new words to be found
Oh, I am just a fool
Who will never learn
Deep in my heart
A spark continues to burn
Urging me always onward
To the no where end
Where I’ll be forgotten
By foe and friend

Duncan Wyllie 19 March 2007

And yet, you seem to be found in some way through your expressive lines Brillliant expressive writing from you again David All the best Love duncan X

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Amber Luce 28 February 2007

ey david! i dont know about you..but I definently chase rainbows lol. Another great poem. I give this one a 9.8

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Pam Thomas 25 February 2007

David I love this poem. I think I've been chasing rainbows all my life. I love to read you poems because they touch my heart everytime. Thanks for sharing them Hugs Pam

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Bob Blackwell 25 February 2007

To the nowhere end, now that could spark me with lots of thoughts. I suppose most of chase rainbows. Lovely poem David nice lines. Bob

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Linda Ori 24 February 2007

It's easy to dwell in the old days when the present is unfulfilling. But as long as you keep moving forward, that's also part of the journey, and I doubt that you will 'arrive' forgotten. Every life you touch along the way is changed by that moment in some way. Nice piece of work, David - I know the feeling. Linda

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mariyah malik 25 April 2020

i am looking for a poem about how rainbows make people feel

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Baidurya Mukherjee 02 December 2007

Great poem man! By the way please read my poems and comment abou them as i don't have much experience

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JoAnn McGrath 19 May 2007

Sad piece here.....but I know you'll never be forgotten: O)

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This is such a great poem filled with profound thoughts! I mean how true is it that if we keep doing the same thing we can not expect to get something different...yet we continue on the same path over and over even when we know we are not happy where it leads! ? Great title and imagery..a very well writen piece by a very intelligent and talented poet. Have a Great day and thanx 4 sharing. =Shelley=

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Lisa Wilkinson 30 March 2007

A warm message sent through poetry. Thanks for sharing David. I gave you a ten. I have rainbow poems too. Im a rainbowholic! Will be back.Lisa

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