A Lost Good Friend Poem by nicky joyce

A Lost Good Friend

Rating: 4.8

I sit here with a shocked face
Cant explain what just took place
I get told that a friend has died
What do i say i just want to cry
I wanted to say im sorry to hear
But when i went to say it
Nothing would appear
I wanted to say your joking
That its not true your lieing right
But what i feel is nothing at all
What about his family
they got the call
There pain there suffer
They lost it all
They lost there dad husband to
We lost a friend
A good one at that
One of cheer and full of yap
Loved his bikes and family to
A great guy through and through
I know you wont see it
Or read it all
But your with us always
S R F this is for you x

Shahzia Batool 21 January 2012

your poem reminded me a quotation by George Eliot our dead are never dead to us until we have forgotten them...it made me really sad! ! !

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Deepak Chhapolia 11 January 2012

grief in brief with emotions high, y one cant stay by..y e'one got to say bye?

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Margaret Beil 07 January 2012

But held forever in our hearts. Lovely poem Nicky

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Virginia Pecho Gely 07 January 2012

Simple words to describe real sentiments, a rhyming fluidity, love this poem.

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Heyyou Boy 04 January 2012

A touching ode to a dear friend. The poem is a good one with really good flow.

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