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A Love Letter For A Name Hidden Among A Few Notes Of The Day

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It's a shame if the man told the truth that he really loved her, for some reason that feeling aroused instantly
He had never before fallen in love so quickly, he would never try to lower his value, let alone lose the moment
As long as she understand that he has never looked at someone from stratification, degree, family lineage because basically humans were created by the God with perfection so he has said from the start when he protected her and tied she as a lover, He doesn't care about your past which you think may be bleak, he believes that it is a process of searching for identity or indeed a nature or destiny that must be lived
But anyway He will always love she and He will always don't care who she is. Honestly, he is tired of hanging out with girls who are established in the throne but single with ethics, and he finds she to be a woman who is indeed established on the throne, wriggling but shrouded in ethics
No matter how aware he may be that she is a little disappointed with his statement, He says that not because he wants to dig up all your past or reclaim old wounds that have been tormented for so long, but because he wants to be someone who will always know your desires and desires and he will change your loneliness and sadness. to be absolute beauty. Forgive him dear, because from the beginning he has emphasized that when he likes someone, he is mentally prepared for the person he likes and loves. Hopefully all those desires and desires will always be there and never be lost in time.
This is the beginning of how she understands him because basically he likes honesty because honesty is gold for him and honesty defeats and leaves all desires and desires that exist.
maybe he isn't the same type of man as the man she already knows, He may be too honest to say everything. he is not a teenager anymore, not an established man let alone a man who knows how to be a macho man who is always ready for everything. Perhaps it would be more correct if she said that he was a classic flawed man. His style of making love is not that of today's young people, and he would prefer it if they made love instead of traveling, let alone visiting a woman's friend's house
Basically She is a goddess who can put away all desires

A letter sent by a virgin boy who loves a widow. He believes that love is not present because of social class stratification or wealth but it is the nature that God gave them. Will the majestic seahorse spring into conflict with the dolphin in the trough of the heart? Only time that can answer