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Art connoisseurs and observers. He was active in the STIBA Jakarta International Plonk theater, and was a literature tutor at the KOPLIK Ciputat Literature and Philosophy Circle Forum, active in various NGOs. He has served as Chair of the Senate of the ABA YPKK-STBA Technocrat 2001-02 and has also served as pimpred of Communicado Press (a forum for ...

Ayatullah Nurjati Poems

A Man And A Hoe

There is a man sleeping in the Cavity wall
His height barely fits when he lies down
In a slightly towering building something has fallen in party wall
Because of sleepiness that he doesn't care tool his hoedown

Your Trace From Anyer To Ujung Kulon

I traced the road where you live and I didn't find the presence of your trace there
From Anyer to Ujung kulon, there were no remain about you
It's not even 1 year since the tsunami hit the north coast of Banten on there
It's not even 6 months pandemics yet to hit this country—like gold and diamond bijou

Good Looking Scenery

The scenery life is so lovely as a reality
‘Tis at glance so great
‘Tis so far so good as opportunity
So tight so close like a beat

Boxing Class In Real Life

We are born in the state of Lightweight
It doesn't matter if it's the son of a king or a commoner
So are those who were born and raised under the auspices of heavyweight
It's the same for them with conditions of middleweight

The Darkness Place

The earth is place for living
The moon is place for traveling suffocate
The sun is the place for sharing life
The moon and the sun naked in holding edge of boring, friendship with the earth, which is interminable

Ayatullah Nurjati Quotes

03 September 2021

Love is a mirage created by the strains of desire and desire The love of fellow creatures vanishes—the path to Sufism is very difficult to achieve, only people who understand love for the Creator

03 September 2021

It could be because human feelings are always defeated by ratio so that love disappears

03 September 2021

The Creator who only gives all love on this earth is not human, let alone Angels

03 September 2021

There will be no eternal love in this world—the only thing that lasts forever is in heaven

03 September 2021

Love is being chased the more he runs away—the quieter he disappears—God's love is eternal—Wihdatul Wujud

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