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The dry leaves are shaken off by the wind
The wind softly whispered in the tired of the dizzy climate
The land regenerates willingly on the animals that inhabit it
The leaves are ready and willing to be eaten by insects, worms and slugs

There is a man sleeping in the Cavity wall
His height barely fits when he lies down
In a slightly towering building something has fallen in party wall
Because of sleepiness that he doesn't care tool his hoedown

Desire is similar to the currents and waves in the open ocean. Everything will be blown away if it is not as strong as a rock, and even then it is clear that sometimes it is weathered and sometimes it is abrasion because it is constantly eroded by the waves
Natural causality will never stop growing and developing
Nature will never break its promise; wind, waves and all the interference of the moon and sun become a synergy that will not be found on the planets in any space galaxy. Its orbit has been ordered by God and they all obey as part of piety to Him
Earth is a beautiful haven with exposure to land and sea as if you will never get tired of visiting

Call it Tari is an Ndolalak dancer
A beautiful face that is single and becomes the target of many married men and single men
Her tomboyish stature doesn't reduce her grace when she dances
The shorts that cling to her thighs are in sync with her tan skin

I traced the road where you live and I didn't find the presence of your trace there
From Anyer to Ujung kulon, there were no remain about you
It's not even 1 year since the tsunami hit the north coast of Banten on there
It's not even 6 months pandemics yet to hit this country—like gold and diamond bijou

Indeed, I want in my heart to become a person who is quite well-off materially and essentially happy. Not grandiose, enough to have a luxury car and house, a beautiful wife, high degrees in the office, have the title of professor, children who study abroad.
That might be my wishes, but maybe if I saw that desire I would consider myself pathological. However, life doesn't need stability anyway.
Life can be lived only with happiness. But I will sneer at you with the words 'eat that happiness' because the people who say that are only envious, envious, spiteful people and their friends. Do you know that shirk is a sign of being unable.
I have to look for media that is appropriate, effective and efficient to find that there is indeed a woman who loves to be loved. Regardless of status, stratification, orientation, religion and ethnicity. However I am aware that at this time I am not yet well established materialistically and academically, but if there is, who knows, someone will want to be with me.

Every day it gets heavier, it seems that I feel this life
Desires and ambitions seem to be racing with age that is no longer young, maybe this is related to ambitions that have not been achieved as a father
Or indeed it is often the facts and reality that are always struggling with disappointment
Ah, I don't care about it all because I don't want to be enslaved by desire and ambitions instantly

The scenery life is so lovely as a reality
‘Tis at glance so great
‘Tis so far so good as opportunity
So tight so close like a beat

Love is real from God
God created humans because of the form of love for creatures called humans
Because the previous creatures were not found to have a sense of love
Human love is full of intrigue like the first time Adam was created he felt lonely and needed a companion and he asked God to create Eve

This longing is bubbling spread to various lines of winds
I don't know why I haven't felt this in a long time
Almost 2,5 decades have passed and it's only now why my longing for him is getting stronger and I wonder why this happened to me
Is this really the nature that God gave me or what? I don't know, I just agree with that feeling right now and don't want to rely on my ratio and my limited reasoning—Blinds

It's not easy being a father
You suck this blood and bone marrow every day
Naturally, that's how it is
But I wonder why instead of reducing the load it looks like it's overloaded

There is a longing that resides in a cigarette
The puff of smoke that is inhaled resides in the deepest heart with every inhalation
The addiction in nicotine and tar becomes an idol in a cigarette
The smoke that is inhaled from the mouth, larynx, pharynx drops into the lungs, liver and heart as if their idols in every inhalation

There is an Eblek dance ritual that many people refer to in other words as Ebek, Kuda Lumping, Rarely Braids, Jaranan Butho, Jathilan or whatever the name is
All male dancers and the audience both male and female can be in a trance
The shaman will run out of water if that happens
Mystical air rises when it is shown

God has created a natural beauty
He has exposed the bottom of the Ocean to the ground
The open trough is beautiful and pleasing to the eye
The exposed caves are a magnificent sight

Becoming a trustworthy teacher is not an easy matter, it requires a sense of conscience and capable tools of sincerity
The bearer and initiator of intelligence that has been proven to really educate the nation's children
Becoming a transformer to students is clearly not an easy matter; it requires tools of knowledge and skills wrapped in noble morals
Sometimes you have to give up the knowledge you have, even though you have obtained it for years, but in a short time you can transform the knowledge you have gained

He walked to all corners of the compass to meet his girlfriend
The space-time separating them is so strong that no one can penetrate it
He kept going without stopping with one intention that God condescend
He really believes that his soul mate has moored and he believes it

Love is not to expect much
Because that hope will lead to disappointment
Hope comes because of a statement
Clear statements look realistic with vows

The poet relies on intuition and knitted words wrapped in pen to paper in making his works
Fishermen rely on strings, hooks and nets to get their catch
They both rely on tides. What distinguishes the two is that poets rely on the tides of motivation and ideas and fishermen rely on the tides for anchorage
The decline for the poet means the death of creativity and ideas, while for the fisherman it will be difficult to moor his boat and cannot get ashore.

Silent doesn't mean not moving
Moving doesn't mean it's useful either
Useful doesn't mean functional
Functional also does not mean also useful

Called it Alex is a husband and a father who always tries to please his family including his wife and children
He is a man who always works hard for his family
But why when the fortune he gets is small why is it always blamed by his family
His heart's intention is to become a mighty husband, but is there anything he does that never seems to be appreciated?

Ayatullah Nurjati Biography

He spent 3 years in Yogyakarta, Indonesia for observing art and drama, Art connoisseurs and observers and Playwright, was active Plonk theater, and a literature tutor at KOPLIK Ciputat Literature and Philosophy Circle Forum, active in various NGOs, and was as Chairman of the ABA YPKK-STBA Technocrat Senate in 2001-02 and as chairman of Communicado Press (a forum for young writers) . Actively writes in various leading newspapers in Jakarta and the region. was Chairman of the West Jakarta 2 Vocational School English Subject Teachers' Conference (MGMP B.ING SMK Jakarta Barat 2) . He has taught English Subject at several prominent campuses in Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently as a teacher at State Vocational School at West Jakarta. Currently writing a collection of short stories (with an iron tip) and completing his novel entitled Cyber Love--Literature)

The Best Poem Of Ayatullah Nurjati

Tough Tree

The dry leaves are shaken off by the wind
The wind softly whispered in the tired of the dizzy climate
The land regenerates willingly on the animals that inhabit it
The leaves are ready and willing to be eaten by insects, worms and slugs

Trees that soar high reaching the sky have been tested by various storms as if they are still strong even though they are old but still protect every habitat below them
His organs seemed willing to die and regenerate because that was the sacrifice of his life
When the harvest season arrives, it's not uncommon for him to be stoned or his branches deliberately broken to get something, but he still reciprocates by giving the fruits he produces.
His sacrifice will still not be in vain and while expressing gratitude to the Creator for what has been given

He is the only one who lives in that area
Others have died to life, or have even been cut down by humans in the name of civilization
He is still a tree and will never turn into an animal
But with gratitude and reverence for his environment he is willing to stay silent and only move upwards to welcome the sunlight

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Nia 02 September 2021

Good. I love

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N' Crys 05 September 2021

Nice follow

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Refaldy Inkiriwang 11 June 2024

This poem really describes the beauty of the natural cycle that continues to rotate. Every element of nature, from dry leaves blowing in the wind to trees standing strong in the face of storms, teaches us about the strength, gentleness and wisdom of nature.

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Melisa Gunawan 11 June 2024

Love you

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Melisa Gunawan 11 June 2024

Good.l love

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Very good story,

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Ika Octavia 11 June 2024

## Two Worlds, One Sky The air feels heavy, thick with wasted dreams, A landscape formed not by nature's scheme, But mountains are made of metal, plastic, glass, A silent testament to what will never pass. Here, the figures are dressed in short-sleeved t-shirts on

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Ayatullah Nurjati Quotes

Love is a mirage created by the strains of desire and desire The love of fellow creatures vanishes—the path to Sufism is very difficult to achieve, only people who understand love for the Creator

It could be because human feelings are always defeated by ratio so that love disappears

The Creator who only gives all love on this earth is not human, let alone Angels

There will be no eternal love in this world—the only thing that lasts forever is in heaven

Love is being chased the more he runs away—the quieter he disappears—God's love is eternal—Wihdatul Wujud

Allah is never angry to be criticized—He still loves his people who always respect him—gives humans had had been given time to improve and realize their mistakes, gives creatures time to know His eternal love

The phase in life when God gives false love—they are disappointed because they are abandoned and the creature is even farther away, there will be damage in their hearts and souls but when it is a test it can be believed in—understanding love completely. That is the best—the way of Sufism

Phases of my life as a poet. Young—wild anti-god. Mature—not working and insyaf. Old people believe in God's presence and are more humble

All the problems exists and hit that is the maturation of understanding. Just simplify the process.Just relax—santuy

Allah deliberately gives other love to the opposite gender so that the creature's love for the Creator is sharpened like a rusty knife and then sharpened again to be sharp However, the love of creatures for creatures is falsely different from the love of the Creator for creatures or vice versa--Eternal Love

love comes when love is gone

Dancing hands—the writing squirmed so thickly the anomalous life rations

Just swallow my diction and metaphor, don't chew it—a blind jagged anthology like being torn apart by factual reality

Stuck in a social cage with a messy appearance in the dark routines that are no longer tempting

Men—fathers produce something meaningful: and the honest one is our father because it is they who produce a beauty for us, temporary Women—mothers giving birth for an instinctive causality: and it is the mother who becomes a meaningful thing because she has given birth and raised us

The beauty of life is broken by the invasion of the eyelids : an establishment of life sarcastically ashamed to see and envy other people's lives

brackish tongue clashing with teeth—bound hoarse voice : a man won't say anything and it's hard to describe the beauty of his heart to the person he loves

Finally the truth is the winner Everyone who comes must go. Everyone who arrives must return--Sincerity must go

I love you not like running a sprint but running a marathon where the long process of achieving true victory is like a process in life

there is every calm in every sip of its essence--a cup of coffee

The love presented by humans is pseudo and endless. Love is a gift, it is a nature for every human being. Every human being has the right to receive that gift, namely the love of Allah and His Messenger

Life must be based on sincerity and honesty, honesty is worldly gold and sincerity is the main capital in living life.

This love God owns and my love for her may be indescribable, I have to transfer that feeling to the Owner of Love

The love presented by humans is pseudo and endless. Love is a gift, it is a nature for every human being. Every human being has the right to receive that gift, namely the love of Allah and His Messenger

The Universe of Love is a collection of galaxies that God has given to various lines of space on various planets including from Earth to the highest heavens and God knows it all

the poet must be narcissistic like etching gold ink on a living inscription

Pure love without any demands like God's love for his creatures and mother's love for her children

Nature never lies about his feelings and always gives steadfastness and peace

In the building of life, each individual has a different role and position so that the building is firmly planted in the ground

As far as humans wander, they will return to their hometowns. © Ayatullah Nurjati. PoemHunter.com

Life is simple. Enjoy the process of endeavor and pray, wait for the results © Ayatullah Nurjati. PoemHunter.com

The God who really know between the heaven and inferno or reign, Even the prophets had taught that religion was made for people in peace and Philosophers had been teaching that the philosophy is way to understand the life. © Ayatullah Nurjati. PoemHunter.com

I believe in the whole galaxies and it's all as a reflection of isolated beauty. © Ayatullah Nurjati. PoemHunter.com

I am who whispering in the sun—laying down my hair and You're madly in the star walk away in the sea © Ayatullah Nurjati. PoemHunter.com

The falling blue planet vibrates and the ticking of time broadcasts—dilemmatic axiom. © Ayatullah Nurjati. Februari,10th 2022 PoemHunter.com

Spreading gravel in an abstruse realm. Become a nosy tiger who gnaws at ignorant fleas. © Ayatullah Nurjati. Februari,10th 2022 PoemHunter.com

For those who are heartbroken—love becomes a frightening picture, like a scary creeping animal ready to gnaw inch by inch of your body. © Ayatullah Nurjati. PoemHunter.com

It is only belief that leads me to certainty, because I believe that people can succeed with belief, although sometimes it goes against the expected result. © Ayatullah Nurjati. PoemHunter.com

Love is a sacred part of human life and it is an essential gift from God. © Ayatullah Nurjati. PoemHunter.com

I was silent when you came to the side—even though the feeling was thundering but it was the ratio that took it all off. © Ayatullah Nurjati. PoemHunter.com

In a big cities, there is always an interaction prison. However, with our minds, all existing barriers can be scorched. © Ayatullah Nurjati. PoemHunter.com

In every big city, there is always an interaction prison. However, with our minds, all existing barriers can be scorched. © Ayatullah Nurjati. PoemHunter.com

Bitter that never wants to compromise with sweetness but is very useful and treats a dry heart that will be another reforestation. © Ayatullah Nurjati. PoemHunter.com

When your shadow is present, it feels like there is very little oxygen pumping the lungs into the bloodstream. © Ayatullah Nurjati. PoemHunter.com

My soul shriveled up by the whirlwind touched by the singer's heart. © Ayatullah Nurjati. PoemHunter.com

For me it is difficult to achieve intelligence, it takes a ration of sensitivity and established materialism and what about you? © Ayatullah Nurjati. PoemHunter.com

You rise aside by singing a serene song and watering my dry heart with the noise of the stars. © Ayatullah Nurjati. PoemHunter.com

Because of you, I feel like I'm aware of the sacred space. © Ayatullah Nurjati. PoemHunter.com

Being a poet is not an easy matter, it requires sensitivity of conscience and a qualified ration of world experience. Even though sometimes it's bitter © Ayatullah Nurjati. PoemHunter.com

I have sacrificed myself for you but there is no positive side that you always lift, Can that be called a responsible father? ©Ayatullah Nurjati. PoemHunter.com

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