Eblek Dance Poem by Ayatullah Nurjati

Eblek Dance

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There is an Eblek dance ritual that many people refer to in other words as Ebek, Kuda Lumping, Rarely Braids, Jaranan Butho, Jathilan or whatever the name is
All male dancers and the audience both male and female can be in a trance
The shaman will run out of water if that happens
Mystical air rises when it is shown

Until it becomes the desire of local and foreign tourists to visit to see the performance
A cultural diffusion that goes well with local religion
A piggyback property made of bamboo and rapia rope that is ridden as if it is alive and wild when it is ridden
Indeed, there are many magical elements in art that are rooted in dances in my area

Jathil became the cavalry pioneer of that art
Butho Lawas always comes to stop by and participate in coloring the ritual
Eblek, a historical art from Java to Bali, has now begun to be forgotten
Eblek should never be buried with the future and when that happens both of them will be unemployed and confused to look for other professions that are already owned by the Astral nations.

Kutoarjo, May 11th,1998
© Ayatullah Nurjati @PoemHunter.com

Eblek Dance
when a musical instrument is played and some dancers dance, some of them are either dancers or the audience is in a trance
Ainiyah Aini 14 June 2023

Wow! ! So cool

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A lovely, informative write with a beautiful photo........10

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A beautiful poem on Eblek - a traditional dance form of the islands of Java & Bali. The tradition and culture has to be preserved through dance, music and its costumes to enrich the heritage of a country.

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Ayatullah Nurjati 27 June 2022

Thank You for your compliment Mrs. Geeta

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