Ayatullah Nurjati Poems

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Tough Tree

The dry leaves are shaken off by the wind
The wind softly whispered in the tired of the dizzy climate
The land regenerates willingly on the animals that inhabit it
The leaves are ready and willing to be eaten by insects, worms and slugs

A Man And A Hoe

There is a man sleeping in the Cavity wall
His height barely fits when he lies down
In a slightly towering building something has fallen in party wall
Because of sleepiness that he doesn't care tool his hoedown

Love Galaxy

Desire is similar to the currents and waves in the open ocean. Everything will be blown away if it is not as strong as a rock, and even then it is clear that sometimes it is weathered and sometimes it is abrasion because it is constantly eroded by the waves
Natural causality will never stop growing and developing
Nature will never break its promise; wind, waves and all the interference of the moon and sun become a synergy that will not be found on the planets in any space galaxy. Its orbit has been ordered by God and they all obey as part of piety to Him
Earth is a beautiful haven with exposure to land and sea as if you will never get tired of visiting

A Beautiful Dancer Of Ndolalak

Call it Tari is an Ndolalak dancer
A beautiful face that is single and becomes the target of many married men and single men
Her tomboyish stature doesn't reduce her grace when she dances
The shorts that cling to her thighs are in sync with her tan skin

Your Trace From Anyer To Ujung Kulon

I traced the road where you live and I didn't find the presence of your trace there
From Anyer to Ujung kulon, there were no remain about you
It's not even 1 year since the tsunami hit the north coast of Banten on there
It's not even 6 months pandemics yet to hit this country—like gold and diamond bijou

True Lover

Indeed, I want in my heart to become a person who is quite well-off materially and essentially happy. Not grandiose, enough to have a luxury car and house, a beautiful wife, high degrees in the office, have the title of professor, children who study abroad.
That might be my wishes, but maybe if I saw that desire I would consider myself pathological. However, life doesn't need stability anyway.
Life can be lived only with happiness. But I will sneer at you with the words 'eat that happiness' because the people who say that are only envious, envious, spiteful people and their friends. Do you know that shirk is a sign of being unable.
I have to look for media that is appropriate, effective and efficient to find that there is indeed a woman who loves to be loved. Regardless of status, stratification, orientation, religion and ethnicity. However I am aware that at this time I am not yet well established materialistically and academically, but if there is, who knows, someone will want to be with me.

Peace With The Heart

Every day it gets heavier, it seems that I feel this life
Desires and ambitions seem to be racing with age that is no longer young, maybe this is related to ambitions that have not been achieved as a father
Or indeed it is often the facts and reality that are always struggling with disappointment
Ah, I don't care about it all because I don't want to be enslaved by desire and ambitions instantly

Good Looking Scenery

The scenery life is so lovely as a reality
‘Tis at glance so great
‘Tis so far so good as opportunity
So tight so close like a beat

In Love With The Universe Of Love

Love is real from God
God created humans because of the form of love for creatures called humans
Because the previous creatures were not found to have a sense of love
Human love is full of intrigue like the first time Adam was created he felt lonely and needed a companion and he asked God to create Eve

The Deepest Love

This longing is bubbling spread to various lines of winds
I don't know why I haven't felt this in a long time
Almost 2,5 decades have passed and it's only now why my longing for him is getting stronger and I wonder why this happened to me
Is this really the nature that God gave me or what? I don't know, I just agree with that feeling right now and don't want to rely on my ratio and my limited reasoning—Blinds

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