A Man Who Dead At Age Of 33 Poem by sallam yassin

A Man Who Dead At Age Of 33

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A man who dead at age of 33
But he done the whole life
in one shot by his way
By his own by the way
They told him make this
make that
make this choice
not for that; is not good
By the way, at bay any way
But he held in his hands
All his own and he done
by his own by his way
Asked him; why u go
all the way, all this way
They insisted- don't do
that; but do this
in this way, go that way
But he did what he done
all the way by his own
all his deeds in his own
by his way

May he dead young at age
of 33
and they cried for his life
short and spilled
but he never, never he cry
for his own; for his life
but he cried for their life
cause they never
never they
live for their own
for their life

he never chagrin of his choices
or never charm,
he never chained
by their choices
He never ask for goodbye
or goodluck!
cause he done what he done
by his own by his way
And so still they recite
His life- song /..

Chinedu Dike 16 January 2015

The poem made me recall the story of Jesus Christ who died at age 33. I like the articulation and insight of the poem. A lovely narrative, thanks for sharing. Please read my poem THE PHOENIX STRANGER.

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 21 July 2013

The best is to follow our own feelings, definitely when we learned to be civilized and not just do something. Anyway when I was 33 I thought I am old, wait until you get where I am now going 80. There will be so much more lesson in life, but I am glad I got over and found true happiness for the rest of my life. Yes, always do everything on your own way and you will see what comes out, but face it. Never be sorry what you did, because you learn from everything, which will turn out later, you are better with those lessons, no matter what.

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Heather Wilkins 01 June 2013

this is a good write. he never said goodbye and good luck

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Bri Edwards 14 November 2012

googluck....goodluck i bet. i really like the poem. i don't get why a lot of people think it is better to live long than to live properly. thanks for sharing.

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Godfrey Morris 01 July 2012

A lovely write. Please continue to write

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