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A Matter Of Choice - Poem by Ace Of Black Hearts

The progressive movement is finally here.
Corporate Media is trying to make it disappear.
Put it on mute, put it on hold.
A neo conservative agenda.
It's hard to not find people like Donald Trump offensive.
Yet he is obsessed, and professed over in ways that only gods are made.
And still he would never get my vote.
He is the biggest racist I have ever seen.
His discriminatory practices are out right obscene.
But behind the scenes it is the people you don't see that are interesting to me.
Like seeing Bernie Sanders in the democratic primaries.
Just one listen to one of his speeches makes me certain that there just might be choice when I go out and vote.
But you won't hear him on regular t.v.
That is because he is for people.
He is not another corporate puppet.
He speaks of the real issues that no other politician dare.
He wants to overturn citizen united decision supreme court decision
and keep money out of politics.
He wants to bring jobs to our country by ending back room trade agreements like the trans atlantic partnership.
He wants a single payer Medicare system in which even the poor are insured.
He wants to start work projects to repair our decaying roads and infrastructure.
He wants to end college debt.
He wants to end the ability of corporations from escaping in paying there fair share of taxes.
He wants to raise the workers minimum wage and change the way in which overtime is given.
It is currently denied by the naming employees with the title of supervisor.
He wants to address climate change in a big way.
He is the Franklin D Roosevelt of our day.
If he is not nominee the democrats have lost before they even start.
Because Hillary doesn't represent people like me.
Nor does any republican possible nominee.
I live in poverty but use to be of the middle class.
Which might I add continues to shrink at alarming rates.
There is no debate, I can not and will not vote when no fair choice has been given.
So it is democrats who will make my decision by the illegitimate vote of a nomination.
In which I have no voice, choice, or recourse once it has been made.
I wish for a better system in which the people are truly represented.
Maybe just maybe a three party system.
The previous election just 38% of people went out to vote.
It really is matter of choice or lack there of.

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