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A List For My Former Self - Poem by Ace Of Black Hearts

1st. The lottery ticket number is ######

2nd. Start a NPO(Non Profit Organization) to protect the public against food hazards. Because the fda won't do its job in the future.

3rd. Also start another NPO to advocate internet privacy to the fullest extent possible because in the future NSA will be watching and recording everything and weakening encryption standards. This is because there in bed with the tech corporations.

4th. Finance a political movement to eliminate all nuclear activities across the world. Because later on there will be an accident in japan that will not only radiate the worlds oceans but possibly the whole world. I do not know the full extent of the damage yet because it is still ongoing.

5th. start acquiring you computer certification now because later on you won't be able to afford to take them.

6th. Learn Linux, it is worth it the time and effort it will take.

7th. Forget learning game design, instead start writing down the stories, because you already have them in your head. And you never know you might get one published.

8th. read, read more then you have been reading because it can never be enough.

9th. stop playing all video games there not worth the time you waste on them.

10th. stop wasting time on those so called friends who are never there when you need them. Sometimes you must be cruel to be kind in the long run.

11. Build a computer from scratch and keep doing it because later on a lot premade systems will be locked down by the computer manufactures meaning once the Operating System becomes outdated your screwed because your hardware specs wont be good enough for the next system up. The name of this is planned obsolescence and it based on the greed of men.

12. Learn how circuit boards are designed. So you possibly make your own to the specs you want. This will require some heavy lifting in both science and calculus.

13. Learn how to make homemade solar panels, because this will allow you stay for the most off the grid, and will save you money in the long run. Because the electric prices skyrocket as we use less and less.

14. Remember your vote is your dollar, so be careful what you spend it on. Do research behind everything that is sold. Because some companies are pure evil. Buy local as much as you can because later on there will be a lot off shoring of jobs.

15. Help those less fortunate then you, trust me when I say the favor will come back you.

16. Grow a huge garden everywhere you live that you can because the food supply will become tainted with things like GMO's and Arsenic.
Save the seeds, and learn as much as you can about cross pollinating as you can.

17. Invest in as many tools as possible, because in the long run they will pay for themselves.

18. Don't waste your time on alcohol it will just cause you problems later on.

19. Don't start smoking it's a expensive and filthy habit that will probably eventually lead to your early death.

20. Don't quite a job for a less steady job because you feel you don't have enough free time in you life.

21. Don't let anyone hold on to anyone of personal documents but you, because it will make you life really complicated later on.

22. Don't be an idiot and go to another state to meet a person off the internet.

23. Don't go with a girl to another state, unless you are truly financially set to do so.

24. Don't be the mediator in your friends relationships. Instead walk away from them and let them deal with it. If they are dragging you into it, then maybe they don't value you as friend.

25. Whatever you do don't take advantage of anyone, it doesn't matter intelligence, age, or sex. Because if you do it somebody else you will deserve what you get later on.

26. More too be added, as I think of them.

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