A Meditation On Emptiness Poem by Charles Chaim Wax

A Meditation On Emptiness

Rating: 4.9

I awoke at 10: 55 Pm
I would have preferred 4 AM
because then I could have stayed
and experienced
the coming of the dawn,
and heard the birds sing.
When I hear the birds sing
in the darkness
before dawn
I feel connected
to elemental indestructible nature.
I become extremely
happy at that time.
But since it was only 10: 55 PM
it was too earl; y to wait
I felt the approach of sleep
and said: what is better than sleep?
and then I became euphoric
and thought of infinity.
What is there to fear?
Not longing for death
but no fear,
and it was lovely;
the cool breeze blowing on me
and the groggy eyes.
Enlightenment again.
Birth, death, infinity-
all one like a secret lullaby.
I started to laugh out loud
Bursts of laughter out loud,
over and over
and then a word came into my
And I started to laugh
at the sound of that word
as if I should have known
all along and now that I did know
it was all so simple and incredibly
No doubt
And I wondered
why I had taken so long.
Without abandon
And the word compassion
repeated again and again,
fusing with laughter.
And then
the laughter
and I knew
when the dawn came
I could not keep it,
I mean, Enlightenment,
the no fear of death,
the laughter erupting,
the word compassion
with every cell of my body.

Kumarmani Mahakul 17 May 2020

Incredible perception of meditation and compassion is wonderful really. This poem is excellently penned with wonderful motive...10

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Ron Dragano 09 March 2006

MEDITATING not being able to keep hold of conceptions and perceptions enlightenment? compassion? awakening groggy eyed like a new born baby drooling ON EMPTINESS

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Martin A. Ramos 11 January 2006

Nice stream of consciousness. Consider eliminating the punctuation altogether and letting the thoughts flow into each other. That's the sense I get when I read it. Best, Martin

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Bobbie Ann Pimm 20 November 2005

Excellent - you're a master of the line break and enjambment.

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Keiah Delu 11 November 2005

The imagery in this piece is beautifully written with precision. Thanks for sharing and the details kept me interested.

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